Monday, 15 November 2010


Football bosses have caused outrage after they printed a special Remembrance Day programme featuring a picture - of Nazi troops.
Airdrie United thought their match day magazine doubled as a fitting poppy tribute for their game against Livingstone on Saturday.

Blunder: Airdrie United's Remembrance Day programme angered fans after it accidentally used a picture Nazi Troops
Blunder: Airdrie United's Remembrance Day programme angered fans after it accidentally used a picture of Nazi Troops

It doesn't surprise me.  Airdrie supporters are the most fascist in Scotland.  They are basically Rangers FC supporters, who are too poor to be able to go to Ibrox.

This programme is a disgrace to Scotland and they should be booted out of the Scottish League!


Ally MacNeill said...

Livingstone was a Victorian Scottish missionary and emancipator of slaves. Livingston is the best team in Division 2.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ally, welcome to the blog. Livingstone is a works team made good. Ayr Utd are the best team in the league. "We're are Ayr, Super Ayr, No one likes us we don't care, We hate Livi, Works bastards, and we chase them everywhere.

Oh and 'the best team in the League' managed to bring 14 supporters down to Somerset for the game a couple of weeks ago. I counted them. There was more Directors' wives. Hee hee.

Please come again, I'm not usually as insulting! ;-)

Harbinger said...

DL it wasn't just the allies but also the axis forces who were coerced into giving their lives for their country (read bankers/Zionists/NWO).

Many in Germany didn't want to leave their families forever but they felt what they were doing was right, as did the British, French etc etc.

The first casualty of war is truth and then innocence. Many died as you know. I find it quite fitting frankly. It may make people think and realise that we and the Germans aren't/weren't really all that different. Europe has done as much to sculpt British culture as British European.

Toni said...

Good to see the Krauts on the trains for once, at least theirs has windows.

Billy said...

Tsk Tsk DL - Airdrie FC has the same problem as most of the rest of the Scottish clubs with more people in their area supporting either one of the Old Firm, depending on which church they do not attend, than stay to support their local team.

These type of people do not care that it is because of this situation that Scottish football is dying with only about 150,000 people bothering to attend matches now. The rest of us in the country could not give a toss now because of these people and the Old Firm.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbinger, FFS. I'm an Ayr supporter and have been for 43 years. It's not often that we get the chance in Scottish football to take he moral high ground and rip the pish out of those Airdrie cunts at the same time. Let me revel in my bourgeois pleasure!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, I wonder if they went in the night before to put down towels on the seat they wanted to sit in?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, to be serious, what you say is very true. I remember in the very early 70s when Ayr got into the first division as was and had a decent team. We were getting 15,000 at a home game. A game with Kilmarnock even in the Ayrshire cup would have nearly 20,000. But the Old Firm and the Bigots have sucked the life blood out of Scottish football. I wish to fuck they'd got to England and you'd see then that there are actually shite. You see how well Strachan's experiment went at Middlesborough with the supposed cream from the Scottish Game. A striker who's scoring 40 a season can't score in the first division. That tells you everything.

banned said...

This is in the same league of faux outrage as when celebs get outed for dressing up as Hitler; so what, who fucking cares.
If we keep going down this road it will soon become illegal to portray the opposition during WW2, what of Hollywood and history then?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, it is a laugh and if you knew Airdrie, you would know that if any set of supporters are likely to be fascists, it would be them.

Hollywood usually only portrays the Holocaust or some Jews doing some heroic deeds against the Nazis. The decent war films like , 'The Longest Day' are long gone I'm afraid. If you look at American or should I say Jewish take on history in the films, no one else was fighting apart from American (Jews).

General Dogsbody said...

Maybe Airdrie were just recognising that our troops are all just part of the new EU Army ?
Do you not feel a bit like a stuck record DL ? Blaming everything on the joos ?
Have you been to Aushwitz or Berkenau yet ? It looked like real ovens and real gas chambers to me.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Doggers, to be honest with you, aye, I do. I just genuinely feel after doing quite a bit of research over the last 6 months or so, that there is a genuine threat there. What I hope, is not that I bore you about it, which I'm obviously doing, with myself at the same time, but that one or two of you say, "maybe DL is right, let's do some research for ourselves".

I don't blame everything on the Jews. Globalisation is not something I'm keen on and with that hand in hand, the EU. Multi-national companies are also a no, no, along with other things too numerous to mention! But at the end of the day when you're running a blog, you can only feature things that strike you as quirky or annoy you. I hope I feature quite a lot of stories I find entertaining, sometimes with my own wee slant. Not everyone engages in the comments section where the issues can be fleshed out and it's this bit that I personally find the most interesting.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Doggers, if you think I'm being too hard on Zionists, have a shufty at this site.

How many Goy will be killed fighting their war with Iran?

Anonymous said...

No danger of Ayr supporters being accused of not having the bus fare to follow the bigger teams. A backwater team for backwater people really.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, OOOh get you! What are you one of the old shite fans that travel from all over Scotland and Ireland to get your chance to vent your spleen on which way of following your agreed, imaginary friend, is best or are you a wee hun from Airdrie, that can't afford to go and see the big huns, probably because you spend most of your dole money drinking 'Mad dog 20/20' and £5 bags of speed?