Saturday, 2 October 2010


In the forthcoming cuts in public service, why should the police be a special case?
Many police today are thugs.  A strong statement?  There have been over a hundred people killed by the police over the last century and not one has ever been brought to trial.  The case of Ian Tomlinson, killed while walking home from the pub after work, is just the latest disgrace.  The headline above details the bonuses that police can pick up in their wages.  £100 for answering a phone after your shift has ended.  Any body who has worked in private industry will have a good laugh at that one.
Their pensions are also costing this country a fortune. Most officers contribute 11 per cent of their salary in return for payouts of two-thirds of final salary, plus a lump sum, once they have served 30 years. The average retirement age is 51 – with the pensions bill costing the taxpayer £1.1billion a year. 
Police tell us that if there is trouble at the scale of the cuts then they will be needed to sort it out.  The same shite they trot out time after time and most Governments give in to them.  Let's see if the Coalition will stand on it's own two feet.  I WON'T HOLD MY BREATH!


2Mac said...

It is a known fact within policing circles that as you approach the end of your shift that this represents the most valuable time to try and catch a motorist or general member of the public doing some insignificant law breaking event.

By the time the officer has finished all the form filling back at the station answering the phone the member of the public has been delayed from getting to their destination and potentially facing a fine for a vehicle fault or some such trumped up charge.

The absolutely worst time is the Bank Holiday Monday police who are coming off shift while members of the public are returning to work.

If you ever get pulled over and feel they are just harrassing you at 6am when driving normally and within the speed limit it is just because they are trying to get double time and time in leiu for the hours.

Last night we listened for nearly 2 hours while 6 little punks had a fight in the street screaming and bottle smashing mixed with posturing. The entire cul de sac was disturbed and I am sure many older residence would have been concerned. (By the end I hoping for a death just to reduce the numbers of idiots shouting)

Where were the police to protect home owners and property and bring law and order to the streets from pissed up violent neds?

Last year I was pulled over for a major crime of having wrong letter font on my number plate and for having two scotland flags and no EU flag. I could not keep a straight face and the police were not amused at my disrespect at the £30 fine and no points such a crime entails.

I was advised by the jumped up little muppet that this crime would soon be punishable with £60 fine and 3 points.

You should of seen his face when I thanked him so wholeheartedly for allowing my to get mine at "half price".

Dark Lochnagar said...

2maccers,I'd heard that before. It's alright saying that they put 11% of their wages into a pension, but fuck me they can make that twice a month by answering the phone! As you say thy're too busy harassing innocent motorists. Half of the fuckers are midgets as well. I saw one the other day that couldn't have been taller than 5ft. How the fuck is he going to stop a big bastard?

banned said...

@2mac, they probably wanted to check you out for something else; driving a vehicle with 'illegal' font plates is an open invitation for plod to pull you without any other excuse and that is the reason why they usually don't.

Back O/T "working on a rest day" is the reason why so many newspaper articles start with "Heroic off- duty Polceman John Smith from (somewhere else) holidaying locally spotted Waynetta Scrote shoplifting and arrested the culprit ON HIS DAY OFF!!!"

Readers are left with the impression that they are lucky that the brave bobby was within their locale by chance, meanwhile he earns a half days pay, double time, while the local plod do the paperwork and he's off down the pub with the Mrs. or his rentboy.

I am Stan said...

Ello ello ello,

Private security is the future!

The Hammond said...

Outsource law enforcement is definitely the answer. Local authorities have stated that is how they want to make massive savings in other areas so why shouldn't it be applied to the Police? The company that offers the most cost effective tender gets the contract as long as they demonstrate they can do it effectively. The existing Police can bid of course... but they may have to cut their salaries a bit to be competitive. Shame.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I fucking wish instead of going into business, I'd joined the police. I would have been retired 15 years ago, (with a sore back!) and I would now be working for I am Stan in private security. Plus £40k per year for doing it, which would have bought me a nice wee pad in Spain, where I could go to in the winter for my bad back!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, you may be right. I could start the first Rastafarian branch of your security company in the West of Scotland. We don't mind Darkies, here, just as long as you're not an Irish Catholic.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Hammonds, nice to hear from you again. I don't see what difference it would make. The police would join and we could cut their pensions and wages. What difference does it make if they're effective, the bunch we've got now aren't!

I am Stan said...

DL said,"I could start the first Rastafarian branch of your security company in the West of Scotland."

Mmmm how do you feel about growing dreadlocks?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, if there is money in it, I'd grow another cock on my forehead. Remind me to tell you that joke sometime when I'm not rushing out and the wife isn't moaning at me to get in the shower!