Thursday, 9 September 2010


The First Minister announced 10 Bills, including one providing for a massive expansion in the role of Scottish Water, but said everything would be overshadowed by the deepest cuts since World War Two.
Mr Salmond also faced renewed calls to publish plans for an estimated £1.7 billion of spending cuts next year, but refused to do so until George Osborne’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) is published next month.  Announcing his plans to the Scottish Parliament, the SNP leader said a Budget Bill for 2011-12 would be “at the heart of our legislative programme” and this will be submitted within four weeks of the CSR.

The bombastic, bearded prick above, headlined his article in The Daily Telegraph as, "lame duck Alex Salmond unveils Government programme".  This fuckwit, who is described as the 'Scottish Correspondent' and might as well be a fucking Martian because no one reads his shite paper in Scotland anyway,  picked up on a comment from the Tory spokesman.  A Martian, eh?  Maybe that's not as far fetched as it sounds.  Anyway  not only, is he a prick, but he also gets others to write his headlines.  Go to the comments section and all you get is more articles by this useless piece of Unionist shite.

Too long in Scotland we've had to put up with a hostile Unionist press.  Instead of discussing how the Scottish Government can propose a budget until they know what money, they are getting back from Westminster in pocket-money, the press up here constantly attack the SNP whilst sucking up the arses of the Labour fuckwits, their paymasters, like Iain Gray, surely the worst Scottish political leader ever, but only slightly worst than that fat matron, Goldie.  I would encourage anyone wanting to get the news from a more impartial source, to check out .


Anonymous said...


The "Daily Torygraph" says it all.

No one reads this rag in Scotland, even as it still is free over the net.

He is now writing for the baying Sutton Coldfield mob and fraternal chapters in England.

There must be a name for it, going to a newspaper with which you feel comfortable because it reinforces one's own prejudices.

He is their token Uncle Tom Jock, ever-ready to trot out his Raw meat for the Gallery when they need feeding, for his pieces of silver.

There are many single issue versions of this phenomenon out there from the ones who push the idea all politicans are lizards in humanoid skins to the ones which say we are ruled by the anti christ via the Ashkenazi dark angels.

The DT fits in somewhere in that discontinuum and has absolutely no relevance to Scots and Scotland.

While I am at it, David Maddo is just a little Englander journalist whore writing his pieces as duly directed by his masters.

Anonymous said...

Nice start to the day, oh boy!

Clarinda said...

I'm quite prepared to read measured and balanced debate against my cultural and political leanings - but Mr Keichrane cannot rise above the gutter.

I can recommend Calum Cashley's latest blog entry (6/10) on Independence where it combines soul and practicality in a manner that puts the ravings of Mr Keichrane into obscure perspective.

With the eye-watering intellect of the Holyrood unionist dance troupe of Wilson, Kepple and Betty ranged against the SNP - it makes me weep as to how Scots keep voting for Westminster governance.

Anonymous said...

Oi there Clarinda, steady !

I like Wilson, Kepple and Betty!

I even have In a Persian Garden as my mobile ringtone.

Nice to see you back posting and here of all places, not Subrosa's kailyard.


Dansk Pastry (Mrs) et al

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bugger, no the only reason I read it is because it's in my reader pure and simple. It fucking annoys me as well when this piece of excuse, for a shite, is dragged out by the BBC to sum up FMQs with Toodleloothenoo. Why is the BBC paying this fucker money. He's like that other twat, Gerald Warner who writes for the Sunday Times, Scotland. No wonder it's going down the swanee.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Clarinda, I read Calum Cashley's latest post and it was excellent. It's not this twat railing against independence that annoys me because no one is going to read it anyway, it's the bastards who write in the Sun and the Dily Ranger that cause the problems. I do know that these publications exist because I see someone reading one from time to time.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bugger, your choice of ringtone, I am afraid reveals your age. Wilson, Kepple and Betty indeed.

Anonymous said...

Someone just sent me utubeie video of them in B & W and it just knocked me out.

Skinny as a drookit border collie they were but despite their age, I would guess in the 50s at that stage, they were incredibly gymnastic.

Betty, who had several incarnations was also beyond her time in public dancing dexterity.

The music by Albert Ketèlbey is great for my ringtone as it is unique, so far no other phone I have heard ringing has that as a ringtone and it builds up in sound as it progresses, which compensates for ambient noise.

Incidentally Ketèlbey was born in Birmingham despite the "grave" in his surname so his origins could be furrin.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally did anyone see my deliberate mistake earlier?

It is "In a Persian Market" not a "garden"

I must be getting subliminally mixed up with book I am reading called

The Perfumed Garden

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bugger, I remember seeing them a couple of times in old black and white TV, I remember the tune too and as a matter of fact I can't get it out of my head now!

Anonymous said...

Clink on my link and listen to it!

Anonymous said...


Mrs Bugger (the Panda) has just landed at Shanghai Airport (Pu Dong) and as it is 19:25 hours there, I am going to open a bottle of Bordeaux Red Biddy and half a double Blair.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

It is as always open to the snp to print and sell a NEWSPAPER in which they can print as many lies as the Unionists........

To expect the Unionist to give their bitter enemies a fair go is a bit silly
we want you lot to be politically annihilated by any means necessary.

so don't moan when the Unionists behave like Nationalists so


We are just getting our retaliation in first

Anonymous said...


I am a little tired and emotional after Mrs Bugger flew the nest to Shanghai and I have been looting her wine cellar so, don't be too surprised by my zpellin mistooks AND gramr errurs.

Alan Keichran can write what he likes but the "free" press in the UK has a responsibility, maybe social not statutory, responsibility to report the truth not opinionated bollox dressed up such.

The problem is ALL the established media are actively campaigning against the SNP by way of disinformation, smears, lies and psychological word imprinting.

IMHO there is a very serious and concerted managed exercise going on to subvert legitimate political opinion in Scotland.

It is NOT the Labour Party doing this but someone or something much more powerful, with hydra like tentacles everywhere.

Who has the resources and motivation to do this.

Ask the Irish or;

get the ouija board and ask Willie McRae or Dr Kelly??

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

and psychological word imprinting

I completely agree there are a lot of Sick Nasty People about..he he he

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

Its all here

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

and here

Kltpzyxm said...

Mr. M

Your good but your not me

Billy said...

Mr Mxyzptlk

You forgot this link here that shows how corrupt Labour are especially the latest post regarding it being the peoples paedophilia party:

Dark Lochnagar said...

Niko, you forget who owns the media. It is not in the interests of the Media owners to see independent countries as that does not fall into their scheme of things. I know you are a premium content viewer at the Scotsman, perhaps you work for Johnston Press?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bugger, can I take it from your exhaltation at your wife landing at Shanghai, that you are still here?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Niko, I see you're still going through 'ridiculing the truth stage'. Next it will be violently opposed and then you will accept it. Ah well, it's nice to see that at least you have startd down that road. Without wanting to offend, actually I couldn't give a fuck, does your Christian name and your choice of moniker betray a Greek ancestory. Would that, if that was the case and the ancestory was recent, make you the right person to be debating with us on the future of Scotland when many of our ancestors have been here for centuries?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Kltpzyxm, you're right, but he can use grammatical English.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, interesting post. I'm going to pore more over some of those links tomorrrow, when I get a bit of time. The situation with that chinless fuckwit, Robertson and the paedophile ring in Dunblane has been going the rounds for a while and several papers, most notably the Herald have been gagged up to their eyballs. The Holly story is another one that I bet the establishment wishes could go away. Maybe us bloggers, don't have as much power as we think.

Anonymous said...

Yes DL, I am still here and she is there

Anonymous said...
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Dark Lochnagar said...

Bugger, posting twice? You are pished!

Anonymous said...

I am sober, just.

Must be the red biddy I spilled across the keyboard last night.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bugger, that's your excuse and your sticking to your keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Guffaw and more guffaw