Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Sheriffs in Edinburgh have lost their battle to rejig the pecking order of a traditional procession which signifies the new legal term.
The row over legal protocol of the annual Kirking of the Judges saw sheriffs boycott Tuesday's ceremony.
Each year, judges, sheriffs, and advocates make their way from the Supreme Court to St Giles Cathedral.  Traditionally advocates follow judges in the walk, but this year sheriffs wanted to move up the rank.  They attend the service to be blessed for the new legal session.  This year the Lord President ruled the status quo should be retained prompting the sheriffs boycott.
My first question would have to be, why are we still indulging in this pish in the 21st century?  These fuckwits will all be on a lot more than £100k per year, many earning more than the First Minister and indeed the Prime Minister.  Their intellectual capabilities are well displayed by that twat with the ridiculous sideburns, who was the Rangers F.C. Director.  He is earning nearly £500,000 per year, most of it from us in legal aid payments.  I better not mention the fucker's name in case he sues me!
Instead of worrying whereabouts they're placed on the church parade, they would be better looking into the injustices which go on in Scotland on a daily basis, one of the most appalling being the 'Holly Greig' case or maybe holding a judicial revue into why thousands of square miles of Scotland's territorial waters, have mysteriously become part of England's.  If you stand in St Andrews and look out to sea, those are English territorial waters.  Get it sorted, you Jennywillox!


Ally Megrahi said...

Well said DL.

Gordon Brown said...

I would like to wish New Delhi belly all the best for the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

50p a day Delhi bridgebuilder. said...

Please be shutting up your trap you Sarah beard muncher !

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ally, for fuck's sake try and die before the elections next May. There's a good fellow.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gordon, I could bet a penny to a pound, you've been there in the last few years to add that special 'Broon' Jonah jinx!

Dark Lochnagar said...

50peer, How dare you as a ex-colonial insult his greatness, Gordon Brown. If you think you're getting one of those luxury flats after the games, you are very much mistaken. They are all reserved for politicians and their families.

Ally Megrahi - an innocent man said...

I'm hanging on until after the May Elections if it fucking kills me !

Gordon Brown - man of courage said...

I will be making a statement to the house on the ongoing controversy over the Tories scuppering the Commonwealth Games at 16.00.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Megrahi, That's what you fucking think. Alex Salmond has already despatched Andy Stewart and the 'white heather club', to liquidate you!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Man of courage, depite all the money we the British taxpayer have poured into India in reparations for the act of civilising them, for which we personally got no gain, they couldn't run a piss up in a brewery.

Julius Caesar said...


Your picts took a helluva beating from Hagar the Viking and he fucked your Celtic wives, meaning no longer true-blood celts. Then my boys come over and fuck the celt-vikings making roman-celt-comings. Where the fuck are you going to send their descendants, of which you are probably one

Dark Lochnagar said...

Julius, might I suggest you have your time line a little askew. First of all, you and your bunch shat yourself first south of Hadrian's wall and then you pushed a little further north and were stopped again at the Antonine wall. The Viking hordes were indeed a problem until the battle of Largs, near where I stay in 1011, where they got gubbed again by the Picts/Scots, having to cede Orkney and Shetland to Scotland. But personally I'm quite happy having Viking blood, because at least they are white Europeans, not from Africa or Asia. Are you starting to get a thread here?

Anonymous said...

Julius Caesar

It appears to be someone posting multiple logins here.

And here you go Julius Caesar, some knowledge for you.

1. European culture is Caucasian culture. Do you undestand that? It means not Asian, nor African but white.

2. Most of the peoples within Europe are all interconnected anyway - Irish Celts from Galithea in Spain a Celtic nation then.

3. Vikings, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Romans...all white peoples I'm afraid to say whose cultures all influenced one another.

And yes I know pretty much about the Vikings and the battles of the past but it's obviously just your ignorance coming out for all to see. Bottom line, had there been no slave trade, there would be no Africans outside of Africa and I'm talking Europe, North/Central/South America, the West Indies. They'd still be living in Africa today, in their tribal cultures, no different to the many undiscovered South American rainforest tribes.

This is the rub here. There is huge differences between the races, how they evolved and due to their evolving how they reacted to life threatening situations. Example Africans never had to store food as animal was on the go all year around. However in the North where the white peoples evolved, they had to store their foods through the harsh winters. It meant more innovative thinking which set them apart from many other peoples and hence the many cultures in Europe that formed the western civilisation.

You are obviously someone of non white origin, doing what you're doing best as an NWO globalist shill, attacking white people who happen to be proud of their race and cultures. it's ok for non whites to shout Black and Proud, but when whites do it it's racist. It's ok for Blacks to have history months, magazines and music awards specifically aimed to celebrate their race, but when whites do it it's racist.
I've come across many people like you and I rip your arguments apart easily because there's not really that much going on up in your head. You know the lights are on but nobody's home and all that?


Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, one would quite happily bond with a real Wop, what. Particularly one who was big in the

Anonymous said...