Monday, 27 September 2010


A businessman angry at the reluctance of banks to lend money to small firms today bricked up the front door of a Barclays in protest.
Cameron Hope, a property developer, used breeze-blocks to build an 8ft by 4ft wall directly in front of the entrance to the bank.
Mr Hope, 59, was joined by other local business owners who say they have had trouble getting money out of banks in order to run their companies.
The protesters waved placards and banners proclaiming 'robbed by the banks we own' and 'make the banks lend' during the stunt at Barclays in Bournemouth, Dorset.
Members of the public voiced their support along with passing motorists who sounding their horns.

Good on you mate, it's time we were all out on the streets protesting.  It's the only thing that scares those bastard politicians!


subrosa said...

You wait DL, he'll be charged with breach of the peace no doubt.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, if you read the link he was told to get it down sharpish or he was being charged. At least he made the protest. That's what's wrong with this country!

Alex Porter said...

Classic DL,

Maybe we can march on the City with bricks!

banned said...

Good for him, the banks are cunts.
My neighbours lad was being 'charged' £5 A DAY for being £96.00 over his approved overdraft limit (which was itself caused by their own fucking charges).

£5 a day = £1,825 pa + compound interest which some clever cunt will work out = gazzillions % interest.

If, on his minimum wage income, he managed to pay off say £50 one week he would effectivley only be £15.00 less in debt (+ interest) because they would have slapped on another £35.00 in charges.

I lent him a hundred to pay it the fuck off which he repaid £25.00 a week, interest free.