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Recently on here we've debated at length about immigration and I'm probably as sick of talking about it as you are, but I believe it is one of the most important things we can concern ourselves with, more so in England, at the moment.  There is no doubt however than our continued membership of the E.U. will only increase the pressures, particularly if we start to let countries like Turkey in.
Two sets of data published yesterday demonstrate why immigration, which politicians remain reluctant to debate, is of such concern to the public. New figures from the Office for National Statistics show net migration last year of 196,000, an increase of almost 20 per cent over 2008, while in the 12 months to June, the numbers granted permanent settlement in the UK rose by over a third. Meanwhile, a new analysis by the House of Commons library shows that England is (after the island of Malta) the most densely populated country in the European Union. Official projections indicate that by 2050, we will have the biggest population in Europe.

There is no doubt that immigration is changing our culture and national identity.  Some people tell me that the capital city of Britain, London IS A SHITEHOLE.  It's getting to the point where the 'native English', population. now mainly live in the outskirts, whilst the centre is populated mainly by immigrants.  People will come on here and call me a RACIST.  Well if you think, because I am concerned about the makeup of my country, that makes me a racist, well a racist I am and proud to be one. It never ceases to amaze me the way, liberals, throw accusations about.  They have no problem labelling  ,Catholics as paedophiles, but won't use the same justification about Muslims and Jihadists.  I forget however that they have been brainwashed from birth by their parents, who in turn were brainwashed by the Zionists whose ideal world is one where all races and religions are morphed together, enabling them to control World banking. 
 But one thing is for sure,  my first concern, will always be for Scotland and it's endemic people.


Anonymous said...

I've been to the NE & the NW where the BNP won election. They're shitholes, the areas of Lancashire and Yorkshire, home of cricket and the old romantic memories of pushing the bike up the hill to get the hovis bread now nothing but miniature Pakistans. Not that I've got anything against Pakistan, just not in the UK.

There are areas of the NE & NW where you're attacked for being white. The same in London's East End and South. Tell me where about in the world the indigenous are attacked? Are the Pakistanis attacked by whites or blacks in Pakistan? Are the Africans attacked by whites in Soweto? Are Jamaican, Bajan, St Lucian, Trinidadian blacks attacked by whites? Hell no! Only in the UK you'll find continued racism against the whites, down played in the media of course thanks to the likes of Yabba "I hate white people" Brown and Trevor Phillips of the Equalities commission.

I've said it countless times before that if you give non indigenous Britons positions of power in your country then watch as it changes drastically - and guess what it most certainly has.

My problem is DL that I want to leave the UK. The only problem is it's my home. If I were to go and live abroad and take citizenship I'd become exactly like the many non indigenous doing the same here. I'd be a hypocrite of which I can't ever be regardless of how bad things get. I'm too honest a man.

And to top it all off, what really fucks me most about coming back home to Scotland is that, as I went down to London to get work and to experience the cultures (and then subsequently left after too long and seeing it devolve daily) I noticed the English people are now moving to Scotland, actively making their feelings known on multiculturalism by moving into predominantly white Scottish areas, yet continuing to espouse multiculturalism, even though that's why they fucking left in the first place! It's a case of, "we've fucked up our country because we're weak, apathetic individuals and now we're coming to do the same to yours!"

As for Scotland, it will go the same way as England. The overall damage done to the UK and its fabric is overwhelming. You can safely say that under Labour the population of the UK, through immigration and immigrant birth is at least 1/6th of the population (10million +). That will continue to grow and grow. Jafaicanism will spread throughout the land like a wet fart in a room and before you know it every dialect in the UK will have disappeared for good to have been taken over by this hideous fake Jamaican, Ali G promoted dialect of the total ignorant. It is the language of the immigrants who couldn't be bothered learning English and instead created their own - that in itself explains a lot about the UK.

Anonymous said...


There is nothing you can do to change the situation DL. There is nothing anyone can do...well there is but it would never happen. That is removing everyone who came to the UK (with their children) from '97 onwards. This would mean the eviction of some 10+ million people and maybe more from the UK. It would create massive riots with both the evicted (predominantly Asian, African and Eastern Europeans) and the indigenous becoming involved as every minority group joined together and yes that includes all those non indigenous who complain there are too many immigrants in the UK.

This will never happen for the following reasons:

1. Riots as described above.

2. Politicians are bought and paid for shills of the NWO whose policy brought the immigrants into the UK in the first place. They won't go against the NWO for they know if they do they'll either end up like Kennedy or a pariah by the media, sullied and lambasted no differently to what they did to Enoch Powell. Immigration hasn't stopped and it won't. You have to realise that the politicians don't work for the people but the NWO (Zionists, Jesuits, Royal bloodlines, Illuminati, Bankers, Arms dealers, Financiers, Oil barons etc etc) and are directly under their control. They know that all they have to do is follow what the NWO tell them because no matter how bad things get, as long as they've done as told they'll be financially well rewarded - Heath is a prime example.

3. Indigenous will speak out against repatriation for they will know and have created friendships with immigrants. In other words the indigenous are their own worse enemy and as Enoch Powell said "building their own funeral pyres."

It's pointless thinking about what you can't change DL. Start thinking about what you can, such as your breaking free from state control of you, having your birth certificate destroyed, becoming a free man and doing your best to build a freeman world in the UK and the world from the grip of the NWO.

You'll just get yourself angry and frustrated as I did when I tried to think of a way out of the madness we're in. You can't. The system is there to be either followed or got out of. It can't be beaten. It's too powerful.

Britain's swirling around the plughole and it can't be stopped. I'm in Dundee, my homecity after being in London for 16 years, almost half of my life, the most important years to me. I've returned home to see a massive change and an easily offended Scots people, unlike before. I want to go back to London to escape this hell but then I realised I left London because I fucking hated it. I'm stuck in Limbo, in between the devil and the deep blue sea. Time to make up my mind time and I really am stuck as to where to go to. It's life. I'm getting on with it.

McGonagall said...

It pisses me off when the government and MSM report "net" migration figures - thinking if they use this trick to minimize the numbers people will be fooled into thinking that's it - the lot. It's not.

Net migration may be 196,000 but total legal migration is closer to 600,000 and has been for years. But that's just legal immigrants from outside the EU. Migrants from within the EU aren't counted - so who knows how many.

Illegals aren't counted either - just guesstimated. And then there's the refugees who pass through god knows how many safe havens to get to the UK before requesting asylum.

I'd guess all together immigrants, when they're all added up, must be close to 1,000,000 every fucking year.

As for the benefits to the nation accruing from immigration, every analysis that I've read concludes that immigration is revenue neutral - i.e., it doesn't add anything to the pot. So why do we continue with an immigration policy that doesn't benefit the country and demonstrably harms communities?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, there has to be some way of beating these bastards rather than buying a plot of land, some sheep, two coos and some hens and declaring yourself a free republic. Why does no politician stand up and tell the world what's happening. I can't believe there all in the pockets of the NWO. They may be shitting themselves that they'll go the same way as Kennedy, but everyone has got to go sometime. There must be someone with terminal cancer, who will tell the world what the score is on his dying bed. There must be a way to counter the bastards from the inside. As for immigration, it may be time to consider voting BNP, if there the only party that's going to take it seriousy or even UKIP. At least getting to fuck out of the EU would be a start and maybe our only hope. The problem is that the people of the UK don't want to discuss the issues that are affecting them, they are more interested what's happening on fucking Eastenders.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mcgoners, you're right. 1,000,000 per year. Our infrastructure can't support that number. We are sinking under a mass of humanity. We're not too bad in Scotland yet, but it has to spread our way. Some parts of the country are fast becoming ghettos. The south side of Glasgow from Allison street west is rapidly becoming 'little Pakistan' with the less affluent staying in the tenemants and the more affluent staying further west in the £300k+bungalows. This situation is going to get worse. We have got to take a stand now and say enough is enough!

I am Stan said...

"As for immigration, it may be time to consider voting BNP,"


Dioclese said...

Cannot disagree with a single word you have said, especially about London. London was a shitehole 40 years ago when I refused to work there any longer and moved out. I can't believe it has got any better since!

My views on this can be found at

Anonymous said...


Some interesting things to note:

Both Kennedy and Lincoln were assassinated because they went against the bankers (Jews).
Margaret Thatcher was removed from power because she eventually realised that Britain was being sold out to Europe
Nixon was removed from office in the USA because the previous year he instructed officials to investigate the activities of a number of Jewish IRS agents.

These are a few situations that you either do or you're gone.

"They may be shitting themselves that they'll go the same way as Kennedy, but everyone has got to go sometime. There must be someone with terminal cancer, who will tell the world what the score is on his dying bed. There must be a way to counter the bastards from the inside"

That isn't the point DL. Remember these people have families and loved ones and maybe they'd gladly give their lives to stop the corruption, ending up with their brains all over the pavement, but the thought of their young children being brutally raped, then murdered or some other hideous activity planned on them is too horrific to bear DL.

You're missing the point regarding the NWO DL. The only time that you'll understand the situation is when you actually step into the minds of how these people think. We are looking at an organisation made up of many smaller organisations who go back centuries, if not millennia. We are also looking at families whose accumulated wealth has been also going on for centuries. We're looking at people who have so much wealth that they live in a completely different reality, possibly belonging to many cults that have no compassion or humanity within. We're looking at organisations that not just do business like the Cosa Nostra but OWN them!
I don't think you're getting the bigger picture here DL. We are looking at incredibly wealthy people, whose ancestors and associates, over time have been guiding the world to where it is today. Everything that's happened has all been orchestrated to get us to where we are today. Look at WW1 & WW2. Had these wars never happened, there would be no need to have brought in the West Indians or Asians. More importantly the British Empire would still be going strong. Everything that's happened was planned it didn't 'just' happen you know.


Anonymous said...

"Why does no politician stand up and tell the world what's happening. I can't believe there all in the pockets of the NWO."

Having read what I've said (and much what others on this subject from various sources also no doubt) do you really truly think that some young upstart, a freedom loving libertarian, who decides to shut down the banks, obliterate usury, civil law and remove Britain from the EU etc etc would be allowed to get anywhere near politics? Do you honestly think that after centuries of planning to get to where the world is today, the NWO comprising of many very wealthy people, are going to let someone come in, destroy all of their efforts and then pat him on the back saying "well done lad, fair play to you?"

FUCK DL! You're living in a different reality. Your problem (like me until I realised the jackanory) is that you're too trusting. You've been brought up the Scottish way (in fact the predominantly old western way) of respecting others, trusting them, believing there to be honour, Marquis of Queensbury of rules, a level playing field. Hell no, when you take on the NWO, you'll be standing on the level playing field with your dukes up, and guaranteed your opponent won't be one, won't be on the level with you but up a hill and he won't have empty fists but an RPG pointed at you. These people are about win at all costs. Look at the motto of Mossad "By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War." And Mossad are very much part of the NWO. Do you know that the two biggest Israeli Terrorist organisations, responsible for the deaths of many people - the Irgun and the Stern were led by future Prime ministers Menachim Begin and Yitzhak Shamir?

I'm making the point DL that politics and corruption are essential elements of each other in order for the continuing control and dominance of society by them for their masters.

The first thing that people automatically think is "They can't all be in it together. Surely there are people who are honest and true and good? Are you trying to tell me that this is all been one big conspiracy? Don't be fucking stupid!"

This is the situation here DL. People, because of the way they're brought up do not believe in conspiracy because it's just too much for them to understand and take in. Hence they switch off. Yet this is the situation. Everyone's in it together, fucking up society and life for billions in order to make themselves more and more money on an hourly basis. Remember this excellent quote by Arthur Schopenhauer:

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

The first step to defeating the enemy is to understand who it is otherwise you're wasting your time.

Down in the smoke said...

Here in Londonistan, the latest scam is to rent out garden sheds and garages to desperate tenants. Of course this is not a problem that affects the affluent areas, just the poorer parts of town. The Olympic site's workers are bussed in foreign workers, very few lads in the building game i know ever get a sniff of work there.
I'm sure you've seen the news from Peterborough where shanty towns are springing up everywhere. Central London's homeless are now mostly jobless migrants, rather than the alkys and addicts who used to comprise the streetsleepers. They fight over access to the 10p public toilets in order to get a bed for the night.
Even the white kids speak as if they were raised in Trenchtown, and our local high street resembles a third world bazaar, with bush meat and quack remedies readily available. We now get cards through the door from characters named Shiekh Ahmed or Chief Dread offering witch doctor remedies guaranteeing to cure anything from impotence to money problems, bad spirits to ill luck.
It's coming your way!

P.S. Don't try the impotence cure. I did, and it didn't work

RMcGeddon said...

I see Lord Jack O' Malawi has decided it's 'time to move on' and he wants to go to the Lords to help 'champion multiculturalism and diversity and to help the people of Malawi'

The trougher just saw more troughing to be had in London. Plus his ungrateful electorate couldn't figure out WTF he did.
The daft thing is that the people he 'champions' will be coming for him first. Then the rest of us.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, I don't know what you find amusing. As a person who was born here and considers himself British, you must be concerned at the immigration that has been allowed to happen under the previous Governments. Are you not getting squeezed? Just becuase you're Black, it doesn't mean that you can take your responsibilities lightly, or if you do, it just emphasizes the points that Harbinger in particular has been making.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, I think we're all in agreement that London and many parts of England are now shitholes and to be honest with you, I can't blame people for voting BNP, when they see their communities being taken over by immigrants, many of whom can't speak English and don't have any desire to adopt our culture and who will live in immigrant conclaves for the rest of their lives. The most important point, is what can we do to stop it happening in Scotland?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I fully appreciate the situation. What I am doing is expressing frustration at what's happening and my Scottish fighting spirit is coming to the fore. Remember I am coming into this a lot later than you and therefore I am further back up the track. I'm sure you went through the same stage at one point. I am not fucking stupid and have more or less lived through the period of Israeli terrorism. The same thing happens all over the world. Israel, S.Africa, N.Ireland at some point the terrorists are sucked into the vortex and the lure of power and money becomes too much for them. I fully appreciate who the enemy is, I'm just feeling round the edges to see if there are any weaknesses.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Smokers, it sounds fucking hell on earth! I hadn't realised that it had got that bad. So there is no work acruing to the native population on the Olypics? Fuck me and this is what those Labour clowns trumpeted as being the way to resurrect the East end. What a bunch of pricks. But, I suppose we can't be surprised when they are in the hold of the NWO and the Illumunati. There has to be at least a million immigrants coming here every year. Time we stopped it and kicked out half of these fuckers who shouldn't be here anyway. But we can't even kick out the criminals when their sentence is finished, under EU HR legislation. Fuck me, how did we ever get in this state?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Smokers, P.S. I hope your hard-on problems get better soon!

Dark Lochnagar said...

McGedders, that prick is just another Labour fucking waste of space, a fuckwit with a cause! What worse situation could you get. Multi-culturism, the byword of the Labour fuckwits. I'm going to train to be a fucking Limbo Dancer! Mind you with these tits I've got, I'd be better being a pole dancer!

Down in the smoke said...

Kick 'em out? We can't even stop convicted killers coming in, as you up there well know.

P.S. Reading your blog usually gets me in the mood.

Anonymous said...


I do not think you are stupid in the slightest. Ignorant yes, like many in society, but due to a very dishonest press, not like many who choose to be willfully ignorant. Remember that calling another ignorant is not an attack, merely a ways to describe that they are unknowledgeable of a certain thing. A martial arts master will look at a pupil far older than he who has just started and will quite rightfully call him ignorant. So do not think I am having a go at you. Remember I address what I write first and foremost to you but also people like you who do not know of what's really going on.

I think you have opened up you mind very well and I have already congratulated you on stepping outside of the box. Do not for one minute think I'm singling you out. I get annoyed though when you still have this belief that we can change the system from within - we can't. The system can't be beaten from within. It was designed so as not to be and when people realise this can they then look to alternative ways of battling against it.

And as for Stan..... LOL

Firstly, were the UK to be swamped by Africans, Asians or other non whites then it wouldn't be a problem to the non whites already here - the more the merrier and after all they're only letting in their peers of the same race and cultures.

Secondly, it's ironic if they do complain because how did they get here if not through immigration?

Thirdly, the non whites have benefited hugely under Labour and Socialism.

1. Hate speech laws?
2. Religious and racial hatred laws?
3. Positive discrimination laws?

Now look that all non whites immediately get priority to social housing. If they don't get jobs or lose them they can take companies to criminal tribunals and claim racism. Look at the literally thousands of non white organisation and quangoes set up to help non whites compared to the majority whites?

Non whites have never had it so good under Socialism, that's why the overwhelming majority of them are supporters of it.
Do you really think if our culture disappeared tomorrow that Stan would give a flying fuck? Of course he wouldn't, he may say it's his culture but it isn't. His parents are African so his African culture is his ancestral one.

Anonymous said...


The reason for example why Jews want a society of minorities is to split up the majority whites. They want to do this because a large group can again kick them out of the country as they have all over the world. Thus they'll promote multiculturalism and a multiracial society in order to protect themselves.
This can also be looked upon with non whites who see a large white majority as a threat. So to people like Stan and Britain of coffee coloured people would suit him to the ground because then he'd feel far more part of a country and not feel under threat by whites whose culture and ancestry he doesn't have.

This is the way it is - lots of whites is bad for the non white minority. Lots of non whites is good for the non white minority as they no longer become the minority.

Either way you look at it DL what's good for whites isn't good for non whites and vice versa. There's no way of stopping the total obliteration of the UK. It's already spinning around the toilet pan.

As for the BNP they're a bunch of ignorant, incompetent socialists. I don't support them because they're socialists and also I believe Nick Griffin has much to do with the establishment. While he's making millions as an EUMP the UK is crumbling. When he resigns he'll have enough to look after himself and family. It's just a job for him but to his constituents it's their lives.

You can't stop what's happening in the UK DL. Sorry for being pessimistic but I'm a realist. It takes only one generation to subvert a culture and the UK's been having it's generations subverted since after WW2. Watch some Yuri Bezmenov on You Tube.

Anonymous said...

banned said...

McGonagall said...
It pisses me off when the government and MSM report "net" migration figures - thinking if they use this trick to minimize the numbers people will be fooled into thinking that's it - the lot. It's not."

Pisses me off too and it's not just numbers, it equates the successful, educated 'natives' fleeing their homeland with the riff-raff of the world making their way here.
They also class the offspring of earlier migrants as "British" and thus claim the migrant population to be 5% (or whatever) when it is quite obviously 15-20% with a clear majority in some areas (like wot Enoch predicted).

I fled London when I saw it going to the dogs some decades ago; at the risk of sounding defeatist I fear that the deed is done with no chance of reversal, my only hope is for my own happy little corner of England to remain so until I die in the not so distant future.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Smokers, fucking unbelievable. How the fuck does he get entry to the UK with a 7 year sentence for armed robbery to his name. I was watching that programme about people moving to Australia today, (actually it was my mother IL who's staying with us who was watching it, in case you think I'm a gadgie), and in Australia which after all is still in the Commonwealth, you have to have a recognised work skill that they need in the country and you must be a certain age. Why the fuck don't we do the same here?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, OK I accept your apology! As usual, there is nothing in what you say that I can disagree with. As I've said before, I'll be worm food in 20 years or so and I don't have any offspring, so I couldn't give a flying fuck, apart from my fury at what's happening. It's the same all over Europe, so there's no point in emigrating and we, or at least I, can't get into America or Australia and it's just as bad in America, anyway. I'll just need to move to a house with a bit of ground and get some hens and grow some grub.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, Ronnie Biggs got 25 years for nicking £1m, she's nicked 3 times that and I bet she doesn't even get 5 years. They are asking for depotation for all who have sentences of more than 12 months. The cunts shouldn't be here anyway. Kick them out!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I think we're all in the same boat. The UK is definately going to the wogs!

Anonymous said...


The freeman on the land option sounds like the only one for me. I really don't want to be slap bang in the middle of an American, black gang, disrespectful, orientated UK. So finding a remoter part of Scotland to live in would be up my street. The only problem is that if I think this way, how many others do and not just in Scotland, but more importantly in England where it's already happening?

It'll be kind of ironic to see the likes of Stan and other blacks leaving England to come and live in Scotland to get away from mass immigration and multiculturalism present in England. That's comparable to black Africans moving out of South Africa because they don't like South African blacks. LOL

I can't truly predict the future although I can take a stab at a damn good guess from current reality.

Anonymous said...


When I speak of black gang orientated I don't mean gangs of blacks per se, as this is the culture that's been adopted (thanks to the media) from the USA by the black, Asian and white youths within society. Scotland's not really been hit by it yet although it will. England most certainly has sad to say. Poor fuckers.....

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, the one thing that I am glad about as I look back on my life is that I didn't have any children, to the best of my knowledge. I would hate to think what their future will be. I can see many Bhuddists who have reached their highest plane and expect to be reincarnated as a Human Being, saying for fuck's sake, can I come back as a rabbit! But you're right about the blacks. It is worse in America, the only advantage there is that it's a big country and you can still legally buy a gun to protect your property and family. I remember being in Macy's about 5 years ago in the Mens section and there was all different clothing franchises selling their product. But blaring through the tannoy was black gangster rap. Now I fucking hate Rap with a vengeance so that's why I remember it. I thought then how strange it was, but looking back, I presume Macy's is owned by Jews, so maybe it wasn't so strange after all. Aye, it's going to be fun to see guys like Stan, getting squeezed by immigrants. I've got another fucker I debate with on Facebook who goes by the name of Leon Stannus, a Lithuanian born here from immigrant parents. He is all for multi-culturism and mass immigration, but when I suggested very politely that he may be from Ashkenazi Jewish stock, his participation in the debate suddenly dried up. 'They don't like it up 'em, Mr Mainwaring'!

Anonymous said...


Well, I have two children. I don't know 'em but I pity their future for the world they'll live in. If I could I'd go back in time to before my first child's relationship and make sure I never met her mother. And the same with the second. I'd do a DL and have no children.

They say that rap is the new rock music, which is partially correct but partially bull. It's the new rock music in that it's anti establishment and anti Christianity, but what rock music never was was blatantly prejudice towards black people as rap is (click here)

Rap music was the brainchild of the Jews who promoted it through white America to create the situation we have there. Yes, the wiggers were created by the Jews sad to say too. As the Jews gradually separated whites in the USA from their culture in the school systems, they needed a bigger punch as rock music wasn't doing enough and so they created the situation of moronic blacks, non musical, who would plagiarise other peoples music and vomit their illiteracy all over it, managing to make monosyllables rhyme with one another other. Sure, people will say Gil Scot Heron was the father of rap and others go back to say that the beat poets (Jack Kerouac) et all were those whom Gil Scot Heron got his ideas from but first and foremost it was the Jews who pumped it mainstream knowing it would be like dropping a black cat in amongst the white pigeons.

There is a white genocide going on in the west. The indigenous peoples of these lands will be a minority by mid to latter century. It's interesting to note that the 1965 immigration Act in America was completely against the constitution and has created exactly the opposite of what the proponents of it (Ted Kennedy) stated that it would not mean a change in the white European population of the USA. More importantly though, also in regards to the overall west, The 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II states:

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

As you can see points C & D are in play today in our lands.

Anonymous said...


Even when we see this people will still blatantly ignore just what Judaism is about and why our society is going the way it is. People will continue to forget just what many famous and prominent figures have stated in the past regarding the Jews. People will continue to state that people don't like Jews because of what they did to Jesus Christ, when ironically the Christ iddue is only the tip of the iceberg and like the Jews bumping of Christ for being a thorn in their side, they've done it to many throughout time who have done the same. The evil within Judaism, the horrific evil meted out on Palestinians on an hourly basis, their continuing infanticide is truly too much to bear at times. I understand more than anything now just how strong the people of Palestine are, having see friends and family members wiped out for nothing.

The more you dig deeper into Judaism the more you realise just how truly evil it is. And what's worse more than anything is that they have managed to program the white races, not only to fight their wars for them that results in many deaths, but they have managed to make whites hate their own culture and worse still race. No black or Asian would ever happily watch the genocide of their own peoples, but whites will add "well there are too many people on this planet and whites have done horrific things in the past..." They have gladly accepted that the white race is a bad race and for peace to happen everyone should intermix with one another, hence the continuing promotion on the MSM of black celebrity and their white partners. I chose inter racial relationships because I loved my then partner. I was not brainwashed through media propaganda, but many are.

I think one day that the gentiles will understand just how evil and destructive the Jews are and just how much damage they wrought upon their societies. When that time comes, the Jews will be a very sorry people indeed with the overwhelming majority butchered by the angry mob. They claim the laughably false figure of 6 million in WW2, being proved false in every step, yet this figure will pale in comparison to the Jewish genocide that will certainly one day come upon this land. People do not know the true machinations behind Judaism, but safe to say that when the smoke is blown away and the mirrors smashed; when their control of the media, the education, political and judicial systems has been exposed and rightfully removed; when their businesses crumble and their wealth removed, will we see the true face of the Jews, nothing but a parasite, completely helpless with a boot about to come down upon it and crush it once and finally for all. In a nutshell, you can never have a healthy society if there are any Jews involved whatsoever, for they'll be doing their utmost best to destroying everyhing not just of the white man, but of every gentile people on this planet for their own financial gain and to the detriment of those people.

Anti semitism is the direct result of semitism. They are not semites even though they continually espouse they are. They only have the power for as long as they can deceive. That time is coming to end - thankfully. When the people of America find out that Mossad was behind 9/11 and the people of the UK for 7/7. The shit will really hit the fan for Jews. They'll be looked upon less than shit when that day comes and their house of cards will come crashing down.

I am Stan said...

"As for the BNP they're a bunch of ignorant, incompetent socialists".

Got to agree with you there Harb`s

Geert Wilders said...

Quite right Stan. But wait until they get a leadership with the salesmanship and charisma of a Blair, and then it'll be a whole new ball game.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, I would give a lot to be a fly on the wall in your house in about 40-50 years when your Grandson is telling you how he can't get a job/housing/safety on the streets/etc etc, because of those fucking immigrants and asks you why you voted Labour all those years for more multi-culturism and asks you if you think the new BNP Government will kick them out, but you'll be alright because your BRITISH! RULE BRITTANIA, me old cocker!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Geert, therin lies the question. When will they get shot of that crossed eyed cunt and get someone in who presents themselves as being normal?

Anonymous said...

Again I see another of my posts has gone into the spam filter....

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, we can only hope the day of the Jew is coming fast, although I expect there are many ordinary Jews who are unaware of just how evil their religion can be, because they cannot in my eyes be a race, although they will know more about it than the gentile, that's for fucking sure.

Anonymous said...


A Jew is a Jew not through its choice but that of its parents. It becomes a Jew when it's born and not born a Jew. A Jew is a religious ideology. You are not born as part of a religious ideology, you are accepted into one 99.9% not through personal choice.

The reason why Jews are the way they are is simple - like the liar who continues to tell lies he/she realises that they have to tell even bigger ones in order to cover up from the previous ones. It then gets to the point that they have to either come out into the open and tell people they're lying cunts or else continue the deceit.
So with the Jews, they've been lying for fucking centuries and they manage to keep it going by controlling everything around them. They tell us lies and let us know what they want us to know and in order for their lies to continue without any of them being hurt they use their vast wealth to make people disappear.

They're so past far the 'forgive me for I was wrong' stage that deceit to a Jew is like breathing. If they don't they're fucked.
A Jew does one or both of the following taking money of another and protesting. All through history, in every land the Jew's lived they've been the smallest minority with the biggest voice. They've been the money lenders and the political activists, rallying up support and spreading deceit. That's why they've been hated for so long because THEY CAUSE TREMENDOUS TROUBLE wherever they are and time has not tempered their ways.

Add to the above that they see themselves as the 'chosen ones' then it gives you a clear picture of just what kind of people these cunts are.

There's a link on my blog to Real Zionist News. Brother Nathanael was born into a Jewish family and yes, he even looks like a Jew, but he is a 100% Christian because he disagreed vehemently with the teachings of the Talmud and opened his heart to the goodness of Jesus Christ and is leading the charge in the USA against Zionism.

He got out of Judaism. He also knows that when the facade cracks and people see the truth then the Jews will be facing extermination. Yes, you're looking at the mass genocide of the Jewish peoples and they know this and that's why they're trying to control everything even more in order to keep the lie continuing. This is also why they're creating more and more wars and trying to destroy the white peoples because they are in fact destroying their enemies before they destroy them. They know they won't be able to keep the lie going forever. And you know of the many plans they have for population extermination plans don't you? Aids was one. The creation of viruses also which meant most of society was inoculated that actually has viruses within that will react in the future or cause birth defects. They are manipulating everything within society because they're fucking terrified if people find out the truth before they've destroyed most of the population!

Anonymous said...


I don't think the day of the Jew is coming fast. They incredibly intelligent people and they've deceived society for this long. If we take back control of the media and start publishing the truth on Jews then hasta la vista salt beef bagel. They know this. This is why the press is controlled by them 100%.

They also control the holocaust industry and have created a situation in many lands that holocaust discussion is forbidden and denial punishable by a prison sentence. This one act alone proves that they're covering up lies. You don't imprison investigation of history for fuck sake, but still the morons in society look upon the reason why they do 'BECAUSE IT'S HURTING THE FEELINGS OF JEWS!' LMFAO!!!! Talk about ignorance.

When you start looking at the possibility that everything you know about history is false do you then start seeing an altogether different version of reality. You know, it really wouldn't amaze me to find out that Hitler saw the dangers of the Jews and did what he did to save the white peoples of the west from extinction and because the Jews managed to get the Caucasians fighting against one another as well as owning the press were they able to weave a very different story altogether and nothing but lies.

Look at these simple points:

1. The English peoples intermixed with the Germanic Angles and Saxons.
2. The Normans came over to the UK who previously were men who moved north (Norsemen) from Germany.
3. All throughout the middle ages the enemies of England were the French, the French Revolution being created by the Jews.
4. WW1 comes up and we choose to side with our eternal enemies the French and with the people who killed the blood relations to the Royal Family, the Bolsheviks (Jews)
5. Britain had lost WW1 but the Rothschilds promised to get the Americans into the war via their manipulation of the media (baby eating huns) if Britain gives them Palestine.
6. Hellish persecution of the German peoples after WW1 by the French. Hitler rises up, brings the German people to their knees, throws out the Jewish financiers and restored the economy. The only country in Europe to do so.
7. Again Britain joins France and Russia (Stalin had already destroyed millions more than the WW2 would destroy) and allies with older enemies and the Jews.
8. The Frankfurt Marxists flee Germany and set about destroying the West.....


Anonymous said...

It's ironic but everything points to the fact that had Britain done the same to the Jews - expelling them like Hitler had, then our society would be a far different place and not the communist run society it is today. Hitler is demonised because he wanted to create a western civilisation with no Jewish control. Simply put DL, I'm beginning to realise that Britain backed the wrong horse. Our country most certainly would not be drowning in:

1. Political correctness
2. Hate speech laws
3. Religious and racial hatred laws
4. Mass immigration
5. Black and Asian gangs causing havoc
6. Islamic ghettos
7. Socialism
8. Homosexual bullying with gay clergy and gay parenting
9. destruction of culture and morality....

I could go on but you get the picture.
We were used as we have been throughout our history by the Zionists, who hate us, who want to destroy and control us and if there was a free media within society, then WW1 and 2 would never have happened and the Jew would be in Southern Russia, restricted, not allowed to leave or cause trouble but instead ripping one another apart like cats and dogs. There would be no Israhell, no persecution of the Palestinians. There'd have been no Vietnam, Korea, Iraq war 1&2, no Afghanistan war 1&2, no Russian Revolution, no French Revolution.....
Had the Jew been left in Southern Russia and not allowed into the west, our society would be a veritable paradise instead of the shithole it is today because of them.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I now think that we've got to the point where the 'persecution' of the Jew is so ingrained in the fabric of western life, that we're, well, fucked. Everyone, at least of my generation has seen the pictures of the concentration camps after the war. Now I'm not saying that a lot of that wasn't staged and a lot of the prisioners might have been gypsies and others and there probably wasn't 6 million killed, but that is woven into the fabric of society. We never hear now of the problems we have with Jews because they, the media and the NWO, have moved it on to terrorism and the islamification of society. You are right. The more you actually look at society and the politicians that are running it, the media, etc etc, the more you see Jewish names. The film industry is a particular bad example. People in general when they see a film believe what they see as being fact. Look at 'Braveheart' for instance. One of my favourite films, but I can sit back and look at it's historical flaws and say, that was good entertainment but historically it sucked. But many, many people believe that as being historical fact. They can manipulate their audiences thinking by continually portrying the Jew with the guy next door image with shite films like, 'Schindler's list' and other crap. I was watching 'Blazing Saddles', the other night, a film I haven't seen for years, but when you look at it with more critical eyes, at what is being portayed in a jocular fashion, you realise just what a piece of propoganda it is. Goebbels would have been proud of it. Maybe I becoming more aware. I hope so.

Anonymous said...


It is so blatantly obvious just how ingrained the (faux) persecution of the Jew is that people have got to their ludicrous, ignorant beliefs they espouse today.
There is never any mention in the media of the 6 million figure that was first touted in WW1. Don't you think anyone would have cottoned on to this? Well of course not, who owns the media?

The Jewish holocaust has become an industry. Don't take my words for it, read some of Norman Finkelstein, a Jew, who's been hounded out of many professor positions in the USA, for wait for it, anti semitism! And good old Foxman, of the ADL is all over him like a rash.

I have now given up entirely on the media. Don't get me wrong I still look for the independent film makers and the politically motivated songwriters, but Hollywood and the music industry are now not just in the bin, but squashed up in the back of refuse lorry, dumped in a rubbish dump and most probably now nothing but ash having been incinerated.

The very fact that in history we were all brainwashed into believing that all the emaciated bodies in concentration camps were Jews and that there was nothing whatsoever of Stalin's persecution of the Ukranian people and the ensuing holodomor did it for me. I understood just what propaganda was and the west has been swimming in it for years.

Although I attempted to have a debate on the DT regarding certain issues on what you and I discuss, I found it a pointless exercise. Every comment is heavily moderated and most certainly deleted if it doesn't conform to their rules and regulations. Ergo, Jews have managed to completely destroy our freedom of speech in order to protect themselves from non Jews as they continue to deceive all around them with blatant lies and hypocrisies.

I think you are becoming incredibly aware, but unfortunately DL, it may make you incredibly cynical, will make you not trust anything and become a social outcast for having a different opinion to all those of your peers. You are now beginning to become part of a very exclusive club. That club is made up of brutally honest men and women. It is made up of those who seek the truth and choose to destroy the lies continually promoted to all around them. It is also made up of critical thinkers and highly intelligent individuals who are questioning history and the very corrupt fabrics our society has been built on.
You are also entering the 'danger zone' as well, that may draw attention from unwanted sources. After all the truth shall set you free (John 8:32) and the people who control you most certainly don't want that!

All I can say is be careful because the world around you is about to change immensely in your eyes that is.

Anonymous said...

And yet another one removed as spam.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I perceive the cynicism already and I can see my wife looking at me strangely, so I'm pleased to say it's happening as we speak! However that suits me because I have never been one for running with the crowd and I have always trod my own path, whether right or wrong. Usually fucking wrong mind you, but that's another story.

Anonymous said...

"I have never been one for running with the crowd and I have always trod my own path, whether right or wrong. Usually fucking wrong mind you, but that's another story."

Fucking classic! that's made my night DL - ROTFLMFHO!!!!

I tend to see things kind of like this: "It's all a load of shite!"