Thursday, 26 August 2010


The 33 trapped miners in Chile have demanded that the Government slows up their rescue efforts, which could take until Christmas.
Asked why, a spokesman for the miners, Pablo Hernandez, sent a message through the 33cm pipe, to say that the trapped miners were now on time and a half overtime and would be worth a right few pesos when they eventually got out.
The authorities are concerned that the men get too fat and won't fit into the rescue pipe.  Snr Hernandez claims, this won't be a problem if they can send down three rubber women, a blonde, a brunette and a Inca looking one.  "Six of the men are Gay", said Snr Hernandez"and they're shagging like rabbits already, but if we can get the rubber women and maybe a few wank mags, that'll keep the rest of us happy"!
The authorities are concerned that if they can't get the men out by Christmas, the turkey, the Christmas hamper and the beautifully decorated, 12ft, Christmas tree will never fit down the pipe, however the Santiago carol singers have promised to go on a crash diet in case they have to go down and entertain the miners.


subrosa said...

That would be a living nightmare for me to be enclosed like that even for a second. I hope they all make it.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, of course, so do I.

Barking Spider said...

Just send down the good looking sopranos and altos from that choir and that should stop all the fighting over who gets the best wank mag!

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

DL if they convert over I'll have them out by next week.

It'll be my first miracle.

My representative is on the scene.

Peace and a weekly stroll to you all.

INCOMING!!!!!!! Grand Numpty of England

Dark Lochnagar said...

Spidey, the only problem is that they're too fat to get the pipe, however they could send down some soiled knickers maybe when they hit the top notes in the 'Barber of Seville' and there is that slight secretion from their fannies. Ah, a hetersexual man could be in bliss for weeks with that!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Your INCOMINGNESS!!!!! Had I'd have known that you were some sort of deity, I would have treated you wuth more respect!