Sunday, 29 August 2010



Anyway on with the tale:
The silence around counter-terrorism activities increases mistrust in the Government and helps fuel conspiracy theories which can tip people into extremism, a think-tank has said.
The Secret Services should become more transparent and the Government should even consider infiltrating online sites to cast doubt upon conspiracy theories, Demos said.  The warning comes after Michael Clarke, of the Royal United Services Institute (Rusi) think-tank, said the UK had more to fear than any other western country from home-grown terrorists and the conditions were all there for a series of attacks to begin at any time.  Nothing to do with Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine then Michael?  Jamie Bartlett, who wrote the report for Demos, said: "Less-secret services could make Britain safer. The more open the Government is, the harder it is for extremist groups to make stories out of silence.

This story was in the London Evening Standard and the above building is labelled as the 'Secret Service HQ'.  Now I don't live in London, but I'm pretty sure that's the MI6 building.  Home grown terrorism would surely be handled mainly by MI5?  Does nobody on the Standard, watch Spooks? 
It's interesting for people like myself who are dabbling in this area a wee bit to note the PYRAMID SHAPE of the MI6 building.  Where do you think the boss sits, in the basement?  Do you suppose there are any black and white tiles?  A coconut to anyone who guesses what the fuck I'm talking about.
These think tanks, RUSI and DEMOS, does somebody pay these fuckwits, public money, to come up with shite like this?  Of course they're secretive that's why they're the SECRET service.  Do these twats think for one moment, that British Governments are going to let us know what the fuck they are doing?  Half the time they don't, until they're told.  It's well seen it's SILLY SEASON at Westminster.  BTW, did you see that Cameron is going to take, PATERNITY LEAVE!  The PRIME MINISTER of Great Britain is going to take time off work because he's had his FOURTH BABY. FUCK ME!  CHURCHILL WILL BE BIRLIN' IN HIS GRAVE TONIGHT!


Anonymous said...

The Secret Services should become more transparent and the Government should even consider infiltrating online sites to cast doubt upon conspiracy theories, Demos said.

Ah yes, infiltration....
What it doesn't describe is that once online sites are infiltrated, then no doubt IP addresses are logged from those 'conspiracy theorists,' raids are carried out on their houses, computers and literature are confiscated, child pornography and/or 'terrorist activities' are planted as evidence, the people are then sectioned under the Fixated Threat Assessment Law and left to rot, being pumped full of drugs in some hidden away psychiatric ward because they were telling people what the authorities didn't want them to know.

Fuck me, this is all beginning to sound as though it's straight out of a fucking Kafka novel!

Do a search on Demos DL. You'll be interested what you find. Start off at the UK Column or CP exposed and you'll find that Demos is a Communist think tank responsible for getting Tony Blair, Cameron and Clegg into power.

If only the people knew just how they're being led into oblivion, trusting the very people who call them their friends yet are the very people holding the dagger behind their backs.

I'm really beginning to laugh now at the blatant propaganda being fed.

And you know I know the answer to the coconut question. I'll leave it to someone else to guess.

Anonymous said...


The last time I heard a prominent figure speaking about not listening to the wild accusations of conspiracy theorists was George W Bush addressing the nation after 9/11.

And the people will believe this shit. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Almost every fucking comment that I'm posting on here is being fucking removed!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, the bigger the lie they tell the more people believe it. I mean after all they voted for him, so why would he risk lying. Aye, my fucking arse!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, well done, I was wondering if you could resist telling me the answer to the coconut question! I'll need to have a shufty at Demos, you let these names wash over you because you've heard them before, probably without knowing who they are, deep down. As you can see I've brought your comments back in. I don't know why you are getting spammed. You're the only one apart from 3 anonymous fuckers commenting on old posts. Mind you one of them was quite pornographic, I fucking nearly published it! I did think you were being uncharacteristically brief!

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Glass bricks DL.

McGonagall said...

International Capital portrayed as a communist conspiracy? By their fruit you shall know them. Think Global act Local.

brownlie said...

The "Spooks" used to occupy two floor at Euston Towers. If you were taking the lift you would see that two floors were missing. It was so secret that everyone knew about it but it probably fooled the "terrorists".

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!! Yes indeed, but the early bird catches the worm!

Dark Lochnagar said...

McGonners, This Demos bunch seem to be a strange outfit. I'm not sure just what to make of them. They certainly seem to be for 'nannying state' policies and are certainly left leaning with a fair smattering of our Zionist pals like Zac Goldsmith sticking his oar in and anything that fuckwit Danny Finklestein is engaged in can't be wholesome.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Browners, we must be the only country in the world which actually tells terrorists where our 'secret' organisations work.