Friday, 9 July 2010


MEN who surreptitiously leer at attractive women must 'come out', it was claimed last night.
Research by the Institute for Studies found that unconcealed 'open ogling' is marginally less pitiful than trying to pretend there's something fascinating in a shop window which just happens to be behind some breasts.
Dr Emma Bradford said: "Ogling is a condition which affects all men above the age of about 33, which is when they start to become pathetic.
Ogling techniques include:
'Metro peepover' - a stare over a free paper commonly practised on public transport.
Car blanche' - when a male driver feels he can get away with a prolonged lascivious gaze because he might be looking for a turning.
Roy Hobbs, a 48-year-old ogler, believes his marriage has vastly improved after he agreed to dispense with his flimsy excuses.
"I'm allowed 20 minutes of dedicated ogle per day, while my wife has sex with the builder."

h/t  to the Daily Mash, an excellent publication from where I nicked some of this story.  The pic of the 'Girl Who Must Be Ogled', however is mine!


Barking Spider said...

I could ogle that photograph all day, DL..... those tits"

Dark Lochnagar said...

Spidey, Aye she is a good looking bit of gear. I think as long as a man can ogle there is a bit of life still in him!

Clarinda said...

For goodness sake - is it a Clyde puffer behind her or too many old buffers in danger of losing their Vital Spark?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Clarinda, that's the Oglers. You see it's a theme park a bit like Disneyworld except it's for Oglers instead of weans. I had to queue for hours to get on the 'ogling booze cruise'.