Tuesday, 6 April 2010



Prince William is to play the part of a stricken casualty and be winched into a helicopter as part of his training to become search and rescue pilot.  The 27-year-old will be hauled aboard an aircraft to learn what it is like to be airlifted in treacherous,  (AYE RIGHT),  conditions.

Who , apart from some sad bastards with nothing else in their lives, gives a FUCK WHAT PRINCE WILLIAM or any of his PAMPERED FAMILY DO?  At least in Scotland, we don't usually have to listen to this type of SYCOPHANT SHITE unless they are up here shooting at something or sitting FREEZING THEIR BOLLOCKS OFF at some obscure HIGHLAND GAMES where Willie's father will have dragged along that WHORE THAT HE MARRIED, dressed as if SHE JUST FELL OFF A BOX OF SHORTBREAD!


CrazyDaisy said...


I give a fuck, he needs to know what it is he's doing to relate to those he wishes to save....I dont give a monkeys arse for his dad and the rest of his fucking workshy family, however, the 2 lads are trying their damndest to work for a living, unlike a shitload of workshy bastards north and sooth o ra border on ra sosh.


The Young Oligarch said...

Better the Royal Family than El Caudillo Salmond , with Christine Grahame and Jamie Hepburn making up the rest of the soft-Marxist Junta !

If we had wanted a "Progressive" Nationalist government we could have just joined the Nazis in the War , or the Commies in the Cold War .

Oh . Wait a minute .
There couldn't have been even the tiniest sliver of support for these totalitarian regimes amongst Scottish Republican circles , could there ?

I know what unrepresentative elite group I'm supporting here - and it ain't shouting "It's Scotland's Oil !" to whip up support for a power-grab .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Daisy, now I know that you being a military man, I would have expected you to come out for Queen and country because it is drilled into you, but any sense of having to work for a living seems to have come from their mother. I admit I was maybe a bit too hard on William, but you and I both know they have been eased through School and their military careers because of who they are. Sorry, it's not one of my beliefs to believe that someone is better than me because of who they were born. There are innumerable people who I admire and would say if forced to admit it that they were in many ways 'better' than me, however that doesn't include the Royals. I come from a middle class Tory upbringing so it's not a socialist thing.

Dark Lochnagar said...

El Oligarcho, entonces quieres hablar en Espanol noticio. Beuno, peudo hablar Espanol basatante bien, pienso. Pues podemos conyinuar en una lengua a donde saben que esta una familia real.

But for the moment, let's continue in English, although not necessarily the Queen's English. I don't consider any of the politicians you mentioned to be better than the Queen, who although born into a hard job has made a good hand of it generally, although her choices at times have been a bit circumspect. I am not a Republican although it is true I don't give a fuck about knowing that Prince William is going to be winched up in a helicopter, kidding on he is a victim of some sort. Fuck me, is that something that's important to you or do you think that you have to lick some Royal arsehole every time it's brandished just because you've got a picture of the Queen on you site and support Rangers?

CrazyDaisy said...


U got me wrong, its not drilled into me, Im not bothered about the monarchy, they are no better than you or I. If Scotland chooses to be a Republic thats fine by me. For the record Id turn down an MBE or any of that other shite that military types so desperately crave!

My point is that the lad is working for his living, he did not ask to be born royal. The winching is part of his training and not newsworthy. He could just do fuck all other than civic duties but that to me would be taking the easy option.


The Young Oligarch said...

It's very important to me , DL . The Royal Family is the embodiment of the country , protecting us from despots and demagogues by their very existence .

It doesn't matter who they are or what they do in their private lives .

Salute the uniform , and all that .

PS . Not supported Rangers for many years , but I don't regard them as "the big , rough boys" who must be shunned and derided .

Taught in too many schools where the pupils are told they are scum for being Scots Protestants who speak Scots , while their little RC chums have "The Bhoys" and "Up the RA" presented as their group identity .

PPS . Keep up the dago lingo . Jamie might take you on his next fact-finding trip to "The Bolivarian Republic" .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Daisy, Fairy 'nuff. I stand corrected and suitably chastised!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, I don't understand how they protect us from despots by their very existence? It matters a great deal what they do in their private lives. This is not the middle ages for fuck's sake!

I would fight and if necessary lose my life for Scotland and even for Britain, but I would catagorically not do it for some Monarch in London, who only comes up here out of duty, (although probably not to be fair to her, the Queen) and to shoot a few birds which never did them any harm. They're as much German and Greek as they are British anyway. I'm sorry but I would follow the Declaration of Arbroath in this which states, and I paraphrase, "We'll support the Monarch unless he does something we don't like and then he can fuck off"! Or words something very like that. ;-)

I don't follow what you say about Rangers etc. That may have been your experience in Lanarkshire but it certainly wasn't mine in Ayrshire, growning up. The first time I heard the word 'fenian' was when some Rangers supporter called me it at Somerset because I was supporting Ayr and not Rangers, when I was 14. I had to go home and ask my Father what he meant. Maybe I led a sheltered life at Prestwick High School which everybody went to.

The Young Oligarch said...

DL -
" I don't understand how they protect us from despots by their very existence".

In 1689 we came to a compromise in this country where the King reigned and Parliament (or the Estates) ruled . Thus we had no Sun King to tyrannise over us ; no Napoleon ; no Kaiser ; no Hitler ; no Stalin .

Instead we had powerful men who bowed and scraped before the powerless figure-head of a constitutional monarch .

Memento te hominem.

We have had the same constitution since that time , while other countries endured tyranny , despotism and civil war .

France is on its FIFTH Republic , with 2 Empires and 2 restorations of the monarchy in between , for f**ks sake !

You MUST be aware of this , surely ?

It is thus of no importance to their function whether the Prince of Wales was shagging some horsey bird while married to a clothes-horse , or whether the ginger one gets pished sometimes .

As for the other matter , that is what it's like in Lanarkshire and , I would venture , most of central Scotland .

The man who called you a Fenian was both a lout and inaccurate . I know men who go to Sellik Park every week who don't fit that description (though many do , of course). To apply it to a small boy at Somerset Park exhibits that man's low stupidity , saying nothing about you or anyone else .

It is just as low and stupid to attribute that same trait to anyone who loves Britain , Scotland , HM and Rangers (as very many do).

Too many on the liberal-left do just that . It's a shame that so many , thus castigated and abandoned , will vote for them in a months time .

BTW - I still lean towards the Well , but you'll find many at Fir Park with views like mine .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, fuck me. I hope you're not accusing me of being on the Liberal left! Just because I'm not enamoured of the Monarchy doesn't make me a republican/leftie/socialist/whatever.

In 1689, Scotland had it's own Paliament. When you say in this country, do you mean in England, Scotland or what?

Who would you say has got more freedoms today, the people of the U.K. or the people of France? I'm not sure, but I would have a fair guess at it. Sorry, I forgot about Cromwell and all that stuff. He obviously got the monarchs to toe the line as they have done to the Parliament's tune ever since. I believe he even beheaded one of them. To take a huffy and invite some twat over from Holland just because he wasn't a Tim, was going a bit far. Not as far as they went when inviting the krauts to take over, to the extent that during the war, half the Royal family didn't know who's side they were supposed to be fighting on.

On balance to be fair on the Rangers moron, I was called a 'proddy bastard' 4 weeks later when we played Celtic.

Nice to see a man supporting his local team, unlike half of Scotland who flood into Glasgow every week to support one or other of the 'old firm'. Although i have a better name for them. That's both of them BTW.

The Young Oligarch said...

I hope your knowledge of history is a bit better than what you've just written , DL .

You'll notice I mentioned the Estates .

The menace to our countries (then) and our country (shortly afterwards) came from a would-be absolute monarch in hock to the Sun King . Not exactly because he was a "Tim" , but related and much worse .
Try looking at what happened to the Hugenots after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes and compare it to the Killing Time which we had to endure under that particular regime and form of government .
King Billy was an ideal solution - unless you were part of the previous lot , or sought to profit from it .

The "krauts" jibe is beneath you .

If the royal family were , allegedly , confused about what side they were on (no evidence of this ever seen by a sane man) , what were the SNP like ?
People in glass houses shouldn't chib bricks .

Finally - if you don't want a monarchy (even one as benign as ours) , then you are , by definition a republican . That puts you on the side of assorted lefties , socialists and much worse .

I don't think you've thought this through .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, I don't have to think anything through. It's my blog and sometimes my purpose is to stimulate debate which I have with you.
I'm sure some of the Royal Family were sympathetic to Hitler. Did one of them not meet with him? I could do the research but I am a lazy bastard and I've got a hell of a lot on at the moment. But I'm sure you'll know right away, being a Royalist.

Sorry I don't get the SNP remark? I didn't say that I don't agree with the Monarchy. I couldn't really care one way or another. What I don't want to know is totally insignificant things about them like Prince Phillip's recent piles. Or that plook the Queen had on her right buttock. My father bused to stand up when they played the National Anthem on the telly in the 60s when the progs were off at night. Worse he made me do it. I stopped but he did it until he died.

Why do MPs have to swear an oath of allegance to the Monarch in this day and age?

The Young Oligarch said...

You're right , DL . It's your blog and you can say what you want .
Long may that continue (although our Euro-masters may have their say soon enough).

Like you , I don't give a monkey's what the Royal Family get up to , as long as it doesn't involve small children or cute domestic livestock .

That's the point .

The question is decided and has been decided since 1689 . The whole world is the better for that .

Like your father , I stand , or sit , to attention when the National Anthem is played .

Mos Maiorum .

Respect .

PS . Discussion good today . Beer excellent this evening .

The Young Oligarch said...

It was Edward VIII , then the Duke of Windsor , who met Hitler , before the war or any gassing of Jews .
I regard him as a traitor for having turned his back on Country , Empire and Civilisation for a mere woman .

It was fortuitous enough , though .

His stuttering , bumbling brother was a man and a half , appointing Churchill on his own initiative and carrying his Sten gun with him all through the war - "You can always take one with you".

Her current Majesty owes all her great skill to her reticent father .

Think back to what we know , not forward to some imagined Utopia .

PS . Your father , G-d rest him , sounds a fine Scotsman .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, fuck off! YOU SIT TO ATTENTION! Away and throw shite at your self!

Are you sure, it wasn't him that suggested the gassing of the Jews to Hitler.. Only asking!

Aye, my father was a fine man in many ways and less so in others. He was too fond of a dram and he passed that on to me! Aye well good days, while it lasted, (35 years)!

The Young Oligarch said...

Standing to attention for the National Anthem does have its uses , DL .

I used to work down south . When an England match was on in the pub I used to stand for "The Queen" , thumbs down the creases and ignoring anything said to me . When it finished I would raise my pint and say loudly "God bless her" , before sitting down with my back to the game for 90 minutes .

It confused them no end !

banned said...

What The Young Oligarch says but, more to the point; re Camilla, "SHE JUST FELL OFF A BOX OF SHORTBREAD!", that'll be how she came to break her leg in Scotchland?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, I bet it did. It's a pity that fucker Brown didn't do the same thing. How any Scotsman could ACTIVELY support England is beyond me. There are just some things that surmount politics. Cunt!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, imagine breaking your leg at her age, 'hill walking'. Stupid old fucker. She was probably out shagging some 'Gilly' or other while Charles was getting his knob sucked in Balmoral by some manservant or maybe even a women servant. Or maybe both at the same time! This is getting interesting. Shame this post is dropping off tonight.

The Young Oligarch said...

"Charles was getting his knob sucked in Balmoral by some manservant or maybe even a women servant. Or maybe both at the same time! This is getting interesting. Shame this post is dropping off tonight."

You've got some imagination , DL . I'll stick with Jackboot Jacqui !

Navtej said...

Willie looks like Harry Enfield's Tim Nice but Dim but even more stupid, thick and moronic. Got his mother's wild sex-infatuated looking eyes and dribbly molly-coddled, everything on a silver platter mouth. Wife to be Kate Simpleton looks like real shag material I have got to admit especially with that dark-haired, dark-eyed wild gypsy bitch look