Monday, 12 April 2010



Greece was last night handed a generous national bailout by its euro partners which will end up costing British taxpayers more than £600million a year.  In a move aimed at shoring up dwindling confidence in the stricken country, the 16 euro zone members announced they would lend 30billion euros this year alone.
Germany and France agreed that Athens should receive preferential cut-price loans to stave off a financial crisis.

But another cash injection from the International Monetary Fund means Britain will have to pay part of a further £13billion bill to prop up Greece in the money markets.  Because the UK contributes 5 per cent of the IMF annual budget, this would equate to a £650million bill for the taxpayer.

If Germany and France want to bail out GREECE, then they should pay for it entirely.  The EURO EXPERIMENT was their doing entirely and BRITAIN WHICH IS NOT IN THE EUROZONE, shouldn't have to contribute towards it.  How come we contribute 5% to the IMF.  I thought we were skint!

If we have to, WE SHOULD DEMAND CORFU as retribution!


UKIP for me said...

I don't mind paying 100 drachma for 20 minutes with that greek burd but £600m for kebabland ? No chance. It will just be the start aswell. Portugal, Spain and Italy are all basket cases aswell and will soon come a begging. Only chance of survival is to vote UKIP but I know you're an EU, global warming loving SNP man so I won't bother trying to persuade you to see the light.

Anonymous said...

So it's the IMF, not the EU? So we'd end up paying it even if we weren't in the EU.

And it looks like Greece was heading for this before they entered the Euro. So if they hadn't 'Euro'ed, we'd still be bailing them out through the IMF, for no less money. Maybe more, coz the Euro countries wouldn't feel pressured into paying more like they are doing.

(I agree about taking Corfu, mind)

Dark Lochnagar said...

UKIPPERS, now you're being obtuse. You know I hate the EU with a vengence. However my desire for independence outweighs that. I hope that when our membership changes as the UK, we will have a referendum to decide our continued involvement

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, it seems to be a case of dammed if you do, or dammed if you don't. How the fuck can we be contributing 5% to the IMF. We're £1.5 TRILLION in debt, for fuck's sake. Is it just me?

UKIP for me said...


Sadly that's not true. Because Greece is in the EU and the Euro it has crashed quicker and deeper than it need have done. It filled it's boots on cheap EU loans (from the UK aswell) and then couldn't devalue when it went tits up as it must stick to the financial rules of the Eurozone. Oh and if the IMF hadn't been called in we would still bail them out under the new rules of the Euro treaty where member states must help a struggling fellow member in trouble.
It's all academical anyway. Greece is just the start. It's impossible to hold the line once Eastern Europe, Portugal, Spain, Italy etc all start coming to grief. By 2012 Greece will be spending 150% of it's GDP. It will need $40BN a year just to tick over without even lowering the debt mountain.
So while Greeks retire on 90% of their wages at age 56 we will be bailing them out and raising retirement to 67 at 30% wages in order to do so.
EU dontcha love it ?

I had to try ;)

Dark Lochnagar said...

UKIPPERS, try your teeth on this.

banned said...

"Greeks retire on 90% of their wages at age 56..." Is that for real?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, So UKIPPERS seems to think and he wouldn't tell a lie! Although i think that's probably just the public sector. They've got to retire early to start their lives as elderly perverts.