Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Gordon Brown warned today against political parties 'scaremongering' about immigration in the general election campaign.
In a highly-political speech devoid of policy, the Prime Minister condemned the Conservatives for appealing to the 'worst instincts of nationalism and xenophobia'.

You and your Government have let every Tomas, Ricardo and Mohammed into the country over the last thirteen years in the hope that they would be so gratified that they would vote Labour when they became citizens.  So you ONE-EYED, LYING BASTARD, don't 'WARN' other people when they try and CLEAN UP YOUR SHIT!


scunnert said...

Lying deceitful cunt that he is Gaga Broon will soon be joining his pal Tony in the States 'cause the UK is fucked.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Scunnert, I wouldn't fucking blame him. If I had the money for the health plan I would need and the money to move, I would go. They can sign me up for all that God bless America shite, I'm their man!

banned said...

Out of the tossers own malformed gob. "Nationalism", support of ones own nation for which our parents fought two world wars, is now a negative "ism", to be deplored alongside racism and classism.

Fuck off Brown you fat fucking snot gobbling cunt; here's what the Mail readership think of you and your shite 'isms'

"Racism works both ways and as far as I can see, this Government are guilty on many counts of racism against the people of this Country in favour of immigrants and non-legitimate asylum seekers. Give us back OUR country and the rights that WE deserve before those from other countries".
- Louisa, Surrey, UK, 31/3/2010 17:02
Rating +1561
"No scaremongering Brown, we are living with it thanks to you".
- Hamster, Surrey, UK, 31/3/2010 17:00
Rating +1277

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, they are guilty of dumping people here that have no right to be here and are purley economic migrants and that's not on.

Dark Lochnigar Ayrshire, Scotland, 1/4/10 Rating +12398

Shades Of Ansel said...

Brown STILL INSISTS migrants have made the country a better place,then accuse the Cons and BNP of whipping up racist fears ( any descent is,of course,racist ).Shit-for-brains adds 'The question is who has the best plan to control immigration.'NOT FUCKING YOU MCFUCKWIT.It's YOUR fault there's racial tension like never before.It's YOUR fault this country is heading towards 70 MILLION...but thats GOOD for us,apperently.It's about time this smelly old dog was retired once and for all.I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire ( but I WOULD add more petrol )

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ansel, you are a very angry man. You need to calm down. p.s. pass some more petrol!

wee boaby said...

Brown keeps going on about net immigration. This compares the numbers leaving against the numbers arriving and he claims this makes it all manageable.
But there's a slight problem with this argument.
Those leaving are the best. Educated, clever,ambitious, going to a job ( they wouldn't get into the US/ Canada/ Oz etc otherwise), keen to integrate, no criminal convictions, keen to set up cultural ties with their new country.
In the main we get uneducated, poor, illiterate troublemakers who will be a strain on our resources ( housing, education, health, benefits etc) and contribute nothing to our society. In fact a lot of them hate us and will try and kill us. They will work until they are eligible for benefits and then switch to various scams to milk the system as much as possible.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Boabs, excatly right. Those Labour fuckers have massaged the figures for years. It's as one guy said on Question Time tonight, he couldn't get anyone who could speak English which was a condition for Health and Safety. The ones that are leaving are probably mostly Tories and the rabble who come in will vote Labour as soon as they get the vote. The strain on our social services is enormous. You go to the doctors and they are advertising interperters in 90 languages. Why aren't the fuckers made to speak English if they want to live here?