Tuesday, 16 February 2010


A Labour whip was forced to apologise last night after apparently branding Conservatives 'scum-sucking pigs'.
David Wright was accused of using the insult on the social networking site Twitter.  He enraged Tories with an explanation of why he had never voted for their party - one of the most popular discussion topics on Twitter yesterday following the launch of a fresh Conservative poster campaign.

His message read: 'I've never voted Tory because you can put lipstick on a scum-sucking pig, but it's still a scum-sucking pig. And cos they would ruin Britain.

"BECAUSE THEY WOULD RUIN BRITAIN"  I could maybe go along with the insult but they would be going some to RUIN BRITAIN more than you BASTARDS have done over the last thirteen years.



Anonymous said...

People that look like that are normally on the secure wing.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Headson, he looks like a nutter in a film. Christ if I as an M.P., I think I would spend some money on my teeth!

troughing bastard said...

This is one of the cock sniffers involved in the Dolphin Square scandal of 2006.
He took £16,787 from his landlord in return for agreeing to waive his right to a cheap rent. He promptly moved out the following week and rented a new flat somewhere else for £1200 a month.
Makes sense since he wasn't fuckin paying the rent.

banned said...

I don't see the problem. "branding Conservatives 'scum-sucking pigs'"
, what is it with these wankers and their constant need to apologise for everything, isn't slavery enough?

Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem either banned but if he did post it then I do object to him lying through his fucking apalling teeth.

Stand up and say you did it man, otherwise - shut up and fuck off.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Troughers, Yes I knew I knew the fucker from somewhere. He just looks like the type that would do that. Well hopefully he won't have a job come the end of the next Election.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I think he was apologising to the pigs for associating them with the current Conservatives!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Headson, you're right. It's better to just brazen it out.