Thursday, 25 February 2010


An effigy of First Minister Alex Salmond has been found hanging as part of a protest against the first crematorium in the Scottish Borders.

A pensioner visiting Wairds Cemetery near Melrose on Sunday called police believing it was a real body.  Last year the Scottish government decided not to call in plans for a crematorium at the site.  Police believe the incident may be linked to a vandal attack at Scottish Borders Council at the weekend.  Councillors approved the crematorium plans in November. It will become the first such facility in the region.

As well as the effigy the protest included a horse's skull mounted on a wooden cross, three dressed dolls in a makeshift grave and what appeared to be the draped figure of a human skeleton.

HOW BIZARRE!  Somebody obviously doesn't like Crematoriums in the Borders!


200 feet pylons across the Cairngorm National Park said...

Poor deluded protestor. Thinks this would sway the SNP. Take a look at the plans for 600 pylons across Scotland. Or the open cast mines across South Lanarkshire. Or the many other destructive 'green' projects that the SNP are 'minded' to allow to go ahead.
Unless it's hiding ciggies and alcohol and now chocolate and other 'dangerous fatty foods' away from the poor lest they remember what they are the SNP couldn't care less.
Alex looks quite lithe in that photo. Not the ' curry eater of the year ' I see on tv.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Pylons, I can understand from your tone you are a bitter, bitter man. Perhaps it might put you in a better frame of mind if I was to tell you that all these examples you quote were started by the previous Lab/Libtyghingy administration so therefore your bile towards Mr Salmond is misdirected. There, has that put you in a better mood?

scunnert said...

This story just burns me up! Inflammatory actions such as this can lead to incendiary situations. These arse(onists) are fuelling the fires of social unrest and burning bridges between communities. Flaming feckwits!

200 etc... said...

I feel a wee bit better thanks. But I did see Jim Mather on al ja beeba saying we needed the pylons to save the planet and he didn't care what the other parties said about making sure the cables were buried to protect the landscape etc. He was signing the plans off and everyone else could go *** themselves. Was that me just imagining things what with me taking all my tablets to help keep me sleepy ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Scunnert, they are only fuckwits as you say. I'm sure Salmond won't be worried.

Dark Lochnagar said...

200 Pylons, obviously you are needing the stronger pill which will keep you asleep until the 5000 renewables jobs start in the North and all the work that the pylons will bring in. The Highlands are a big place and there are lots of bits that don't have pylons. Move on here, they're no story left.