Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Military hospitals in Afghanistan and at home are under mounting pressure to cope with rising casualties in Helmand province, as the armed forces prepare to take part in a major offensive there, a spending watchdog said on Wednesday.

The National Audit Office (NAO) said the UK military hospital in Helmand, Camp Bastion, was operating at close to capacity and predicted it would come under more strain from wider use by Afghan forces as fighting escalated.  The report came as an estimated 4,000 British troops are set to take part in a major offensive against the Taliban in Helmand alongside U.S. and Afghan forces.

Excuse me for being thick again, but why is the NATIONAL AUDIT OFFICE, a SPENDING WATCHDOG, announcing that our medical backup for Troops is insufficient for their needs?  Surely that is the job of the Ministry of Defence to announce that and anyway were we not keeping that a SECRET FORM THE TALIBAN?  This whole was seems to be being run by A BUNCH OF AMATEURS!

p.s. if you're a Taliban reading this in a cave in Afghanistan, this may be a bluff, or a double bluff, or a double double bluff, or a double double double bluff.

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