Thursday, 28 January 2010



Suspected Somali pirates captured by the Royal Navy are being given fuel, food and water and sent on their way.  In three cases they were released even though hostages had been found on board their vessels.

The extraordinary revelations yesterday by Defence Minister Baroness Taylor will add to concern about the role of the Navy in tackling piracy.  In November it emerged that a Navy ship had stood by as pirates kidnapped British sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler. They are still being held and threatened with death by their captors.  Baroness Taylor said there had been four instances in the last year when heavily armed gangs operating off Somalia had been given supplies on humanitarian grounds. None of the 66 suspects captured by the Navy in the last year have been taken into custody.

One former Navy commander said the Navy appeared to be operating a 'maritime welfare system' rather than enforcing law on the high seas.

You want to end PIRACY?  You BLOW THE BASTARDS OUT OF THE WATER and then fling them ONE LIFE-RING per five pirates on HUMANITARIAN GROUNDS.  Do that once or twice and the PROBLEM WILL BE SOLVED! 


RantinRab said...

A wee birdy tells me the real reason for the Royal Navy pussy footing around is that Labour is terrified that any Somali pirates captured and taken onboard a naval vessel will claim asylum.

And Labour being Labour, they would never be refused.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to blow the fuckers out of the water and who would know?
Unfortunately, it only takes a member of the ships company to spill the beans to a rag and then there'd be hell to pay with the do-gooders.
Blow them up as well but that's a different story ....

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rab There's no doubt that is the reason, but it's about time these Labour fuckers grew up and looked at what is going on in the world. They remind me of the 'polytechnic' types that you got in the 60s and 70s, all mouth and no pllicies.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Headson, the first government that did that would be popular beyond extreme. What are we supposed to do give them money to stop kidnapping?

Stout Heart said...

This whole thing is daft beyond belief; we spend £36 billions a year on defence , we have satellites and drones that can track Toyota 4X4s in the middle of the Afghan dessert. We can photograph Bin laden look-a-likes from miles up in space, we can spend millions catching “ant-social drivers in Kent but we can’t stop an uneducated coconut head from making off with 100,000 tons of steel and oil.

The intelligence services must know where these pirates are operating from, it would be a simple matter to drop by and lift a few of the known (photographed in the act after all) operators and their mates; I’m sure that when confronted by overwhelming force they would come quietly.

The strangest thing is that it comes as a big surprise when something as big as the Empire State building gets lifted by a few darkies tooled up with small arms.

I live in wonder – as usual.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, for once and this doesn't happen often, I am in complete agreement. When I first heard of this a few years ago, I thought it was a 'Beadle's About' wideup. How can some undereducated poorly armed natives sailing little better than a canoe with an outboard motor overpower a tanker. As you say it beggars belief. Granted they probably are better equipped now that they've made a few bob, or it may be their cousins trying it on from a different tribe.

This outbreak of agreement is plainly you coming round to my superior celtic intellect after a few rounds of verbal sparring. I don't however want you to feel intimidated about commenting further in the future. I'll go easy on you as normal.