Saturday, 26 December 2009


The Scottish Government is set to open discussions on a proposed £250 million Clyde tidal barrier that could revolutionise flood defences in the west of Scotland and produce enough electricity to power every home in Glasgow.

Marine architect Robert McNair and his colleague Colin MacFarlane, emeritus professor of engineering at Strathclyde, told Dark Lochnagar that bold measures would be needed if Scotland was to meet its renewable energy targets and see off the threat posed by increased flooding risk in decades to come.  The structure would dominate the mouth of the Clyde, running from Greenock to the Ardmore Point, between Helensburgh and Dumbarton, with a further rail and road bridge to be added upstream.  It could also aid shipping, as water depths could be controlled to allow passage of large vessels without the need to wait for favourable tides, and it could be built to incorporate a railway station for freight.

Once again the SNP are the driving force of innovative ideas and projects.  How different from the failed LAB/LIB administration we had previously!


The Patriot said...

At least the SNP seem to have the country's fortunes at heart. You didn't get that with the last lot.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Patriot, aye they are too worried about what their London bosses will say.

CrazyDaisy said...

This is do able and would also provide a reasonable amount of jobs during construction and maintaining it afterwards. Good to see the SNP having vision for my country and no Glasgow-itis of the anti variety!