Saturday, 5 December 2009


FIRST Minister Alex Salmond needs to push full steam ahead for independence and ditch his party's damaging "step by step" approach, a former SNP deputy leader has claimed.

JIM SILLARS said it was time to stop "dabbling in devolution minimum or max" aimed at giving more power to Holyrood, and he urged Mr Salmond to push for a clear vote on the issue.  Mr Sillars, who was due to speak at an SNP meeting in Edinburgh last night, claimed the party's strategy on independence was playing into unionists' hands, giving them the opportunity to "sink independence for a generation".

He called on the First Minister to undertake a fundamental review of the party's strategy on independence, and said: "It's time Alex Salmond and the small group around him realise their strategy isn't working; time to realise they have become entrapped in a referendum policy over which they have lost control.  "It is now a weapon in the hands of the unionist parties, and they will choose the time, set the rules and frame the question in a manner calculated to outflank the SNP."

Citing a recent poll showing support for independence had fallen, Mr Sillars said this underlined the fact Mr Salmond's strategy of building support through his party's achievements in government, then calling a referendum on independence, was failing.  He said the SNP's plan for a referendum bill, which would include the option of enhanced devolution, would leave Scotland "shorn" of the power it needed.

I and many others have urged the SNP to go full steam ahead for Independence and I know Alex Salmond is playing the long game, but support has dropped for the party over the last six months and IMO they have to highlight BROWN'S PART IN THE ECONOMIC CRISIS.  Although HBOS and RBS have the word SCOTLAND in their names, they are British banks who just happen to have their HQs in Scotland.  They after all have been paying huge amounts to the British Treasury.  You'd think all their taxes were paid to the SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT IF YOU LISTENED TO LABOUR!


wee boaby said...

That's not true. The latest polls put us ahead of Labour in Scottish and UK elections.
Jim recently asked for us to look at keeping Trident aswell.
Does anyone know why Jim has turned ? Has he been turned ?
Why does he hate Alex Salmond and why does he keep throwing spanners into the works at crucial times in our development ?
DL why are you promoting this person ?

wee boaby said...

Fuck sake can't believe you're using hootsman articles DL.
What's the story ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Boaby, first of all my apologies for using the Hootsman. It's a slow news night and these are supposed to be direct quotes from Sillars, a man I don't particularly have a lot of time for. The last paragraph is mine BTW.

What he does say is that the polls for independence have fallen which if you look at them is true. It is true that support for the SNP is still well ahead of Labour but Alex's playing of the long game seems to be working too well and I can't believe the Unionists are that fucking stupid. Do they have a cunning plan up their sleeves?

After Subrosa stopping blogging and the other two being harried by the MSM, I think we bloggers have got to watch for a wee while what we are saying in relation to our support for the SNP. I have spoken to Subrosa and I know what the problem is with her but obviously I have to keep that private. Sometimes as well I like to act as an 'agent provocateur' to guage your responses. Just like to check your still awake and paying attention;-)

wee boaby said...

DL. Thanks for that. I wish we lived in a free country but I now appreciate that we don't. Maybe things will change in the future.
Give my regards to subrosa and wish her well. I enjoyed her blog and used to use it to access other blogs.
This whole episode ( blog gate, climate gate, perpetual wars, runs on banks etc )have shown me that things will never be the same again.
I'm really glad that I enjoyed 1979 to 2009. Things will be horrible from now........

Dark Lochnagar said...

Boaby, don't worry. If you mean by quoting 1979-2009 that you just turning 30 then let me tell you that you r next 10m years are your best, so enjoy them! Never mind this shite about life beginning at 40, a load of crap. There's always problems, it doesn't matter when you live. You've just got to get on with it and don't let it get you down! People say the Thatcher years were shite but they were my most productive. Mind you I was 30!

wee boaby said...

Aye cheers for that. I read whollyrudes' blog tonight and she seems to be tracking the anti blogger quite well.
I think I'll do an IT course. Looks like fun !