Thursday, 17 December 2009


A Cabinet minister was lobbied by aides of the Prince of Wales over the design of eco-towns within hours of being appointed, it has emerged.

The letter to Hazel Blears, from a director at the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment, suggested that the towns should follow the design principles of his neo-Georgian village of Poundbury. It has again raised questions about the extent of the Prince’s involvement in political affairs.

The letter, and further communications from directors at the charity requesting — successfully — to meet ministers to discuss housing policy, have been released by the Government following a series of freedom of information requests.  Documents obtained by The Guardian also reveal that Prince Charles wrote personal letters to at least eight government departments since 2006. The contents of these letters were not released by the Government.

JUST WHO does the JUG-EARED TWAT think he is? 



Beowulf said...

Oi you great heathen, obviously you have been busy grinding your teeth about England and missed what is going on with the House of Windsor.

We are all citizens of EUgripe now; Jugs can do what he likes, even his mum carries her own ID through the airport.

Anyway as long as he says something sensible I'm all for it.

banned said...

Prince Charles is as welcome to express his opinion to our shitty Ministers as any other subject of Her Majesty.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Beowulf, Christ you English Royalists get very jumpy over the Royal family. It's true that if Horseface's man feels he wants to say something anti-government then he can do it if he wants. Although of course he is not allowed to contitutionally and he could get in some hot water. He might even have to pay back all the money we pay him tom open a few buildings now and again. No all in all, I think he should shut his gub and leave it to his father who has a quainter way of putting things.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, see above.