Friday, 18 December 2009


Labour's £1.2billion 'electronic borders' scheme to protect Britain from illegal immigrants and terrorists descended into a shambles last night.

The project's success depends on logging every passenger movement in and out of the UK so police, border guards and the security service know who is here.  But, in order for the scheme to be ruled legal by EU bureaucrats, the Government has been forced to make a raft of concessions to Brussels.

 Concessions to the EU to allow Labour's 'electronic borders' scheme mean EU citizens can still enter the country even if they refuse to hand over their personal details in advance.  These include EU citizens and their relatives - regardless of nationality - being allowed to enter the UK even if they refuse to hand over their personal details in advance.  Effectively, the crucial compulsory element of the eborders scheme has been stripped away for millions of people.

Isn't it wonderful to watch the way the LISBON TREATY is creeping into BRITISH LAW at all levels.  It's just starting to snarl, it's a long way away from biting yet.  GET US OUT SOMEONE, PLEASE?


banned said...

Labours immigration policy is the same as it always has been, let 'em all in but pretend to do something about it.
How many hours before Labour tell us
" S'not our fault, Europe done it". Wankers.

subrosa said...

I've yet to hear any complaints from immigrants about the 'new' controls, so they can't be operating.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned. There doesn't seem to be any policy. The EC will dictate it anyway and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. The only consolation is that they all want to live in London.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, you've got a point. Never mind the immigrants, there's no £1000 per hour Barristers squeeling either!

Shades Of Ansel said...

It makes me sad to see the country I grew up in,become a shadow of it's former self.We have been sold down the river,hook,line and sinker.
On another point,off-topic,I read today that Harmen's Equality Bill will make it illegal to display nude calenders or even a NEWSPAPER containing a Page 3 girl,at a workplace and could be deemed,of all things,as HARRASMENT!!It's not the page 3 stuff I'm on about.It's to total and utter errosion and control of our daily lives.Thousands upon thousands of people who buy the tabloids would be unable to take their fav daily rag into work to enjoy during their break,just in case some bull-dyke feminist walking past on her way to the shitter,found it 'offensive' seeing a pair of top bollocks in a workmate's newspaper.
It is the utter destruction of everything that has come before that really pisses me off.Those laws that were passed in the Queen's speech ( The Digital Economy Bill included ),added together with the Lisbon Treaty,have left this country well and truly on its arse and covered in shit that is ALWAYS going to stick.We're FUCKED.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ansel, you're dead right, we're Fucked. But we can still fight back. I am sure this has happened and worse throughout man's history. World wars, the plague, the Spanish Inquisition to name but a few. I fundamentally believe in the spirit and fortitude of man and man will win through. ( good sentence that I must remember it!) :-)