Thursday, 17 December 2009


Two senior RAF officers could face criminal charges over their role in Britain's worst military disaster for nearly 30 years.

Air Commodore George Baber and Wing Commander Michael Eagles were blamed in an inquiry report for safety 'failings' that led to a spy plane exploding over Afghanistan.  They are being investigated by RAF Police and could face criminal charges in civilian courts if the case is considered so serious it is handed over to the civilian police - and jail sentences if convicted.
All 14 servicemen on board fault-riddled Nimrod XV230 were killed when it blew up in mid-air after refuelling at Kandahar on November 2, 2006.  The inquiry found that the crash was 'preventable' and criticised ministers, commanders and defence firms for 'incompetence, complacency and cynicism'.

SO WHY are the RAF officers being charged?  The MOD CUTBACKS were the CAUSE OF THE CRASH, so whoever was the MINISTER IN CHARGE at the time along with PRIME MINISTER MUST BE BROUGHT TO COURT AND CHARGED WITH 14 DEATHS!


banned said...

As soon as I heard this on the radio news I thought "fucking stitch up jobbey".
Ministers (and X-Ministers) should be brought to book on this as well as senior civil servants who squander all our money and force cut-backs on the front line.

Perhaps that is why Defence Ministers come and go at the rate they do.

biggles said...

I expect the RAF officers were working at the MOD / plane factory on secondment and were wearing civvies and signing a lot of the work off personally so they should accept some of the blame as they were the 'experts' . They would have known most about the capabilities of the aircraft and would have had access to all the flight logs of XV230 going back from when it went into service. The inquiry showed documents where previous fuel leaks in the refuelling pipes were leaking during air to air refuelling and this was ignored by the RAF.I don't think they've been charged yet though have they ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, if there was failings that led to 14 deaths then everyone who was concerned should be brought to justice. No ifs and buts.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Biggles as above to banned they fucking should be. It's a disgrace if they're not and will show that servicemen's lives in this country are not held in the esteem that they should be. It wouldn't happen in the States.