Tuesday, 8 December 2009


It seems that Alex Salmond can't even send a CHRISTMAS CARD without criticism from those TWATS AT THE SCOTSMAN.  The following are their comments:

ALEX Salmond has regularly used Scottish artists for his cards. Last year it was John Bellany, slightly risky, but well enough known to silence any suggestion that the First Minister was being too arty. The year before, however, the choice of John Lowrie Morrison was pure populism. "I am a man of the people," it said.

In contrast to both the preceding years, however, this year's card is artistic fence-sitting. The artist Gerard Burns is not well-known, but he is safe. The picture shows a pretty girl with long hair, wearing a kilt, a Saltire over her shoulder. SADVERTISEMENTeen in profile against a wintry landscape, she is gazing intently in front of her, marching towards the future, no doubt.

The subject looks about 12. Salmond has youth on his side and the SNP is the future seems to be the intended message. But if the SNP want to seize the future, they will need to show more imagination and daring than this shallow picture does.

The picture falls apart visually. The figure is painted in careful detail, but the artist has not fitted her convincingly into the landscape. The light is all wrong and, in contrast to her high finish, the trees and snow are painted with a kind of sham freedom painters tend to use to hide the fact they are working from photos. Visual muddle combined with arty sham suggests a dodgy political message.

• Duncan Macmillan is The Scotsman's visual art critic



Art expert said...

I wonder why he's given her grey hair. Is that a dig at the Grey man ?
Holding back Scotland with his outdated ideas. The juxtaposition of vibrant youth with grey hair.
Talking of Elmer Fudd. His card looks like it was painted by a 6 year old.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Art expert, for fuck's sake are you sure you're an expert. That's the snow glistening on her platinum blonde hair. Lol.

Er, I think Elmer fudd's card WAS designed by a 6 year old. Not sure if you knew that or you were being satirical! We're not used to that on here.

banned said...

It's Christmas, he's a Scottish Nationalist, she's his niece, Hannah McQuillan; what's the problem ?

Captain Ranty said...

I'm no fan of Wee Eck (he is my MP) but I see no problem with this at all.

It is a picture of a pretty girl carrying a saltire. What else would these numpties expect from a Scotsman?

As usual, the pudding is over-egged. The arty ponce clearly has nothing better to do.


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