Monday, 23 November 2009


A mother expecting her 14th child has vowed to keep having children until she has twins.  Sara Foss, 39, already picks up £50,000 in benefits every year.
She said: 'All I've ever wanted is twins or triplets. It's my biggest wish, and I'm going to keep trying until I do it.

Miss Foss, of Derby, was 16 when she had her first baby, Patrick, in 1986.  But, traumatised by giving birth, she vowed not to have any more children. It was a decade before she changed her mind and had a second son, Stephen.  She has almost averaged one birth a year since.

She recently spent over £5000 in Toys R Us, over £350m per child.  Now I don't have children but £350, IS THAT NOT A BIT EXCESSIVE?

Time I think she was told, look dear, if you want more children the State is not going to pay for them, so you'll have to look after them yourselves.  Either that or STERELISE HER NOW and be done with it! 


banned said...

To be fair to the breeder, it is said that our declining birthrate is the reason that Our Government is encouraging the worlds riff-raff to our shores in the hope that there will be enough working folk to pay their pensions.
On the other hand this slags offspring will enter NEEThood as a badge of honour and will pay fuck all tax all their lives.

No chance she lived in Littleover, Derby is there ?
Tornado hits Derby 23/11/9

Dark Lochnagar said...

To be fair to the fucker Banned, she doesn't appear to be a slag and is up at 4am every morning cleaning the house or so she says. Story is in the Mail. I'm all for encouraging the breeders to keep down the immigrants but probably 3 is enough, after that it's down to you to look after them. I think as a childless couple we should get a bonus, maybe pay any child benefit after 3 weans to us!

put a cork in it said...

Don't suppose there's a hubby ? Leroy done a runner again ?
14 bairns ?
Must be like shagging a wizards sleeve.

Shades Of Ansel said...

She must have a cunt like a bucket,and the bloke who fucks it must have a dick thicker that Tyson's left arm.If he hasn't,he's probably shitting it he'll get sucked into her black hole,only to re-emmerge with the afterbirth when her twin little shits are born.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Corker, suprisingly there is a long term partner who repotedly has a cock the size of a windsock. He only get 1 shag a year though as she is pregnant the rest of the time. It's no fucking wonder it gets to that size!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ansel, it is reported in the Mail that he has to tie his ankles to the foot of the bed in case he gets "sooked", (Scots wonder meaning sucked), in. And that's only when he having a munch!