Tuesday, 10 November 2009


BNP Leader Nick Griffin, is being criticised for turning out in WOOTTON BASSETT with hundreds of other people for the repatriation of 6 war dead from Afghanistan.

The same British media maintain a silence over the failure of any Government Minister, far less the PRIME MINISTER to attend any of the repatriation ceremonies.

I do not support Nick Griffin or his odious Party but he turned up without fanfare and without a press briefing and maintained a dignified silence throughout. How different from Gordon Brown and his ridiculous public row with the late Jamie Janes's Mother!


Anonymous said...

That's a fair comment.

If it was one of mine coming back, I wouldn't have wanted him there. Nor, of course, would I have wanted Gordon Brown or any of his apauling ministers there. Come to that I wouldn't want any member of the royal family there.

We know they are only there doing their job, or to be seen to be doing the job.

Oh, and any of my family would have wanted a Scottish flag on his coffin.

banned said...

"turned up without fanfare and without a press briefing " There's the rub, had it been Brown, or indeed Cameron or the Clegg, they would have been preceded and accompanied by armies of PR twats and soundbite merchants.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, no I wouldn't want any of the wankers there either. I would like you like a saltire on the coffin but I suppose the argue ment is that they are serving in the British Army.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I admire Griffin for not making political capital out of it. Not so sure the others wouldn't.

subrosa said...

I understand it must be the Union Jack draped on the coffin for the Repatriation Ceremony. Saltires are used. I've a video ready for later and a saltire is used in that but I have a feeling it's the actual funeral service.

Wootton Bassett don't want any politicians around. They've been very definite about that.

Dark Lochnagar said...

No I don't blame them Rosie, but they could be there when the plane lands at least.

Anonymous said...

Dark Lochnagar..

Fantastic stuff and I agree with you 150%.

You see I'm like you and have no time for the BNP and its warped leader but he does deserve better when he acts better.

Good on him for going to Wootten Basett, more than we can say about Labour spivs in Gov..

Dark Lochnagar said...

Spooks, they may not want politicians there, but you have to say that as a private citizen Griffin is just as entitled as anyone else to go and pay his respects. His visit was as a private citizen as there was no fanfare or publicity seeking.

Dark Lochnagar said...

And BTW it might be nice to see that jug-eared fuckwit Charles and his horsey wife turning up now and again. That's what we pay the kraut bastards for.