Friday, 27 November 2009


A thieving aristocrat who treated his family charity like a 'magical piggy bank' walked free from court yesterday.

The Honourable Jonathan Davies, 65, plundered £1.6million from the fund set up by his philanthropist grandfather, spending the cash on personal luxuries and a failed business venture.  The charity, which helped a host of causes including caring for Bosnian war orphans, has collapsed because of his dishonesty.

Father-of-six Davies, who was educated at Eton and Oxford, spent the money on his daughter's school fees, gifts to family members, credit card bills, golf and fine wine, and tax and utility bills.  He also gave around £1million to inventor Joe Dawson, who was hoping to patent a new type of spark plug.

At Southwark Crown Court yesterday, Judge James Wadsworth sentenced the former investment banker to two years' jail but suspended the term for two years.  Davies is bankrupt and will not have to pay back a penny.

SEEMS THERE IS ONE RULE FOR THE RICH AND ONE FOR THE REST OF US.  Some silly wee lassie, pinches something out of a shop for her kids at Christmas and she gets JAILED and that FUCKER gets off with it.  NOT RIGHT.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

OK I got the picky thingy wrong last time, but are those false arms?

That's how he got away with it. It wasn't his arms that did the liftin' mi' Lord.

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!! You could have been right the last time, I don't know. See what you mean about the arms. Mind you he looks like Jake the Peg, with the extra leg

Fidothedog said...

Un-fecking-believable, steal the same amount from a bank with a gun an its fifteen years at Her Majesty's pleasure, yet steal from a child and its off you go an take care old chap.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fido, but he couldn't have possibly been stealing, after all he is part of the establishment, an Eton man don't you know. Not some riff-raff from a sink estate with a talent for it. After all Ronnie Biggs got 40 years in jail for stealing a percentage of a million quid, but that was a "real" crime.

Anonymous said...

People like him don't commit crimes, they just make errors, especially if someone they were at school or university with, or someone from the same club is on the bench, don't you know.

Wouldn't be the done thing to send a chap to prison to be with these common people...

It's been the curse of Britiain, the class thing and the old school tie.

It's why we are such an unfair, unpleasant country.

Sir Fred the Shred said...

Greedy bastard !
He should have worked for me. He'd be off scot free and living in Marbella.
Oh sorry about my Dubai investments going tits up. Be a love and bail out my old bank would you. We've got £2Bn in Dubai Holdings ( well the ski slope and undersea restaurant were just too good an investment to miss).
I blame the PM. He met Sheik yer Boaby of Dubai on Monday at No 10 and the country was bust by Wednesday. The curse of Jonah is truly an evil thing.
Eid Mubarak and get it up yer kilt !

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, you're dead right. The old School Tie counts for more in this country than we would like to admit. People should be judged on their merits.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sir Fred, how the fuck can you ski underwater. Marvellous what they can do nowadays. He met you as well and 2 months later you had a knighthood and a £10 million pension pot. Doesn't work ever time!