Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Pregnant Janet Lehain has criticised supermarket staff who refused to sell her a block of Cheddar cheese because it was too ''dangerous''.

Ms Lehain, from Bedford, had to lie and promise she would not eat the cheese herself before the Sainsbury's deli counter worker allowed her to buy it.

FUCK ME! What next, are they going to refuse to SELL PIES TO FAT BASTARDS?


Dr Hillary Jones (retd) said...

With GP's being so overstretched I think that allowing checkout staff to dispense advice on health and diet etc is a good thing. It will help to relieve some of the pressures on health centres.
Our local co op can now check blood pressures and can offer advice on obesity and healthy lifestyle options.
I was going to buy two square sausage for my piece today but bought one square sausage and an apple after talking to the checkout diet adviser.
At £5.80 an hour for a checkout/ health adviser rather than £1million a year for a GP it makes good economic sesnse aswell.

Shades Of Ansel said...

I have fucking heard it all now.There's no fucking escape from the nanny state.It's even wormed it's ugly way into our shopping habits...and we think we live in a FREE society!!We're enslaved as sure as the Jews were by the Nazis.The only difference being in the way our government has gone about it.I'm sick to the fucking back teeth of this country.And when Cameron gets in,I think it'll get even worse,if that's possible.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Dr Jones, what a blessing it is to have one with one's eminence on this blog. One hopes that one will comment again it is so perceptive and unlike the usual shite my small but reasonably loyal band of followers post. To think that one with one's medical knowledge and professional esteem would deem to talk to a lowly checkout assistant, only goes to show what an inclusive party the Conservative and Unionist Party have become. We minions can only hope that when and if you form the next Government that you will not be too hard on incapacity benefit as an extra £25 per week is the difference to many of us from having to scavenge in fucking bins for our grub you millionaire bastard.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Shades, your fucking right. I'm fed up with it as well and I'll fucking tell you one thing, when the bastards come to get me to go to the gas chambers, I'll go willingly. There will be no fight from me when I start to choke, I'll laugh in their fucking face knowing that I have no gold fillings. Th Bastards.

banned said...

2 other examples ( non-food ). Last month a BBC Radio 2 researcher was refused the sale of a pair of kiddies play scissors because said kiddie placed the offensive item on the counter himself and that would amount to selling " A Bladed Item " to a minor. That the scissors were marketed as suitable for toddlers made no difference and neither did the reserchers offer to get another pair and present them to the till herself since the till girl would now have " reasonable cause to believe that she would subsequently supply the Bladed item to a minor".

Last winter a branch of Tesco refused to sell Christmas crackers to a teenager on the grounds that they contained gunpowder and that this was contrary to a 19thC Explosives law. Taken to its limit this would mean that no-one could ever buy crackers since there is a real probability of them being resupplied to minors in the process of pulling a cracker prior to Xmas lunch.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fucking unbelievable. This country has gone to the dogs. Keep them in debt and feed them shite.

Anonymous said...

WHAT? Bit late for a comment but pregnant women are allowed to eat cheddar! Doctors say some cheeses should be avoided due to bacteria that may live in the cheese (called listeria) but it is only found in soft cheeses like brie/camembert... cheddar is fine!