Sunday, 1 November 2009

E.C. TO BAN RETURNS OF GOODS THAT ARE SHABBY OR DON'T WORK! (and there's fuck all we can do about it.)


EU BUREAUCRATS want to end the right of shoppers to get their money back for shoddy goods.
This would end the 100 years of protection British consumers have enjoyed. For more than a century, shops have offered refunds to people who return unwanted or faulty goods. Plans by the European Union to “harmonise” consumer law will short-change them by removing that right and weakening safeguards. Ministers have vowed to fight the Consumer Rights Directive but the UK Government has no power to stop the change if it is backed by the majority of European Union states.Worse still, if the law is passed retailers will be banned from “gold-plating” the legislation by continuing to offer money- back guarantees.

I seem to be very anti-E.C. this week. The full extent of our capitulation to the LISBON TREATY is starting to unravel, week by week.

I SAY INDEPENDENCE OUTWITH THE E.C. LIKE SWITZERLAND AND NORWAY LOOKS A GOOD BET TO ME. England can come with us if they want. The UNITED KINGDOM will no longer be UNITED so therefore according to European Law (1), ENGLAND'S STATUS is changed and they HAVE TO RE-NEGOTIATE THEIR TERMS OF MEMBERSHIP.

(1) European Law for Dummies 2008


scunnert said...

It's just beginning.

Gigits said...

This is a disgrace.

PS: The attractive shopper is off her head on smack, judging by her eyes. I'd do her though.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Scunners, you're right as usual. The Lisbon traty will turn out to be our nemisis I believe.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gigits, it is a disgrace BTW. It will also stop car manufactures giving 5 year, 100,000 mile guarantees.

My wife pictured, says to tell you she has never taken drugs in her life and if you want "to do" her it will need to be a foursome with your bird. Send me your e-mail address for a night of sexual satifaction. You and me will sit and have a beer and watch them at it!

Anonymous said...

Where the hell was all this nonsense when there was a referendum for the Common Market?

Gigits said...

Christ that is perverted! Disgusting! Horrible!

Ok, I'll bring the beer ;-)

banned said...

Headsonpoles, those of my Demi-Generation were not allowed to vote on joining the free trade area as described by Dead Traitor Cunt Heath.
But we were granted a vote on whether to remain within what was presented as a cuddly trading love-in ( soz New Zealand Butter U can Fuck Off ). They lied to us again and again. I only found out about its evil roots in the Franco- German Coal & Steel Union some years later, by accident.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Headsonpoles, as Banned says, this common market shite was started when that big-nosed, snail eating, garlic cunt De Gaulle, the leader of the fucking "Vichy" French, in other words the ones who had run away from the Krauts, started a free trade area so that the big bad Germans wouldn't invade them again and fuck the arse off their women. Those other mealymouthed Benelux wankers plus the fucking Waps joined as well and there you had it. The French then worked out that all goods would at some time have to pass over French soil, so they beacme the greatest middle-men whores in Europe charging every bastard 5%. Therefore afore mentioned big nosed arsehole tried to keep us out because we were better at making money than the naturally lazy French who would rather eat lunch than work and would have foreplay with a woman for fucking 3 hours, while us true brits got them seen to in 20 minutes before the footy came on the telly. Heath the simpering, sailor loving shirtlifter got us in after 20 years and things have gone downhill since with a little peak under Maggie T.

Is that a fair summing up guys?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gigits, I'm a lager man but ma bitch likes Guinness.