Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Going nowhere: A photo issued by the union of the backlog at just one depot backlog

Post strike agony grows: Misery as bills, card payments and cheques are trapped in mail Thousands of families and firms are facing misery because of the postal strikes.

Credit card and store card statements are among more than 20million letters trapped in a backlog as the chaos escalates. The delays are leaving many people open to punishing bank penalty charges and even black marks on their credit records. Small businesses risk being hit with heavy overdraft charges as cheques sent to them fail to arrive.

The total effect of lost orders, bank charges and administration costs is predicted to top the £300million loss caused by the last national postal strike in 2007.
Further industrial action is planned across the country today, while the Communication Workers Union is holding a ballot on an all-out national strike.

It's time this industry was brought into the 21st century. This is the last bastion of 'Spanish practices' and the rest of the workers are FUCKING SCUNNERT.

Dark Lochnagar's wife has had two cheques caught up in this strike for TWO WEEKS. Even our delivery guy is moaning about it. He is given a half empty bag because these wankers are working to rule and told that is all he is getting. Have you ever seen T.V. pictures of the pricks, hand sorting the mail. I've got TWO CATS THAT COULD DO IT FUCKING QUICKER.

Then they expect the rest of the workers including the self employed who have fuck all pension to contribute to their grossly inflated pension pot.



subrosa said...

Tut tut DL, can't sack workers. We rely on these workers to pay their union dues which keep us in power.

Best wishes
Gordon Brown

parcelfarce said...

Years of underinvestment have led to this. It's like going back to 1950 walking into a Royal Mail sorting office or Parcelforce delivery centre. DHL will wipe them out if they don't get a grip. Or rather our so called leaders don't invest and modernise this nightmare. Of course nothing will happen for another year as Labour limp towards the election. Terrified to stir up any sort of trouble. Quick deal will be implemented just to shut them up. Great opportunity for underperforming government companies to get a quick pay rise though.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Subrosa, trouble was that even Maggie Thatcher was afraid to take on the Post Office. It should have been sorted out years ago with everyone else. I don't agree with bosses being too powerful but neither do I agree with Unions being likewise.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Parcelfarce, maybe it's time we bite the bullet and let private companies in to the Post Office to at least get some investment in. Problem is that we all think the Post office is some sort of sacrosant organisation that can't be touched by private companies. It's like the Civil Service. They've got cushy jobs for life and then they can sit back on a big pension for the rest of their lives while the rest of us outwith the public sector are struggling to keep our heads above water as the economic cycles fluctuate every 10 years or so. How many people in the private sector nowadays have no pension never mind a final slary scheme.

Mr and Mrs Average said...

Has there been a post office strike ? Can't say that we've noticed much like the recession and swine flu really.

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