Monday, 10 August 2009



British troops are being flown into battle on the Afghan front line by helicopters which lack the armour plating their crews demanded. Seven Sea King helicopters were deployed to the region in April last year.

But despite the increased threat from Taliban forces on the ground, the Ministry of Defence turned down a specific request from commanders to add Kevlar plating at an estimated cost of £100,000 per aircraft.

The lack of added armour has made them more vulnerable to attack from small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades, sources said. They claimed the Sea King was 'inadequately protected' for war and the lives of those on board were being risked 'unnecessarily'.

A senior defence source told the Daily Mail that the deployment of the Sea King HC.4 Commando to Afghanistan without armour plating was A BALANCE OF THE RISK.
A SPOKESMAN for the PRIME MINISTER, GORDON BROWN in a statement said, " We cannot pump money into the banks and protect FUCKING SQUADDIES AS WELL. They knew when they signed up that they were TALIBAN CANNON FODDER so why are they complaining now. CHRIST there was millions killed in the FIRST WORLD WAR and none of them complained. Were not even up to 300 DEAD IN AFGHANISTAN and all we get is FUCKING MOANING!"


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Phekkers, nothing changes.

They sent our lads over the Rhine with only .303in when the Hun was using 30mm Jazz Music against them, to save money.

Wouldn't surprise me if the chinless wonders at MoD make the boys and girls fill the choppers up with their own hard earned.

Again, phekkers!!!

Heads up.

CrazyDaisy said...

Mk4s were also used in Iraq and all they had was a defensive suite, I used to get my arse burned by it when sitting inside on a particular seat - had a sore bum for days and not a horny arab in sight thank feck!


Dark Lochnagar said...

Always been the same. By the time we got to Goose Green, I only had 5 rounds left. Fucking good job they surrendered.

scunnert said...

Can someone remind me - what is the goal in Afghanistan and how will we know when it's achieved?

UK forces - the bravest cannon fodder in the world.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Scunnert, I was reading the other day that 22% of all fatalities in the First World Wat were Scots.