Friday, 21 August 2009


The decision to free Megrahi was one which was taken for the best of intentions, i.e. that the BASTARD was unfortunately dying from terminal cancer.

It was taken under the circumstances of pressure from Whitehall to free him under a agreement in 2007 between , the WAR CRIMINAL TONY BLAIR and Gaddafi after they met in some desert in Libya. The U.S. Secretary of State Rice also had a meeting with Colonel Gaddafi on 5/10/08 which brought Libya back into international acceptance and most importantly for the Western World and THE U.S. IN PARTICULAR, IT ALLOWED THE VITAL OIL SUPPLIES TO BE TURNED ON AGAIN.

The usual Labour and Tory FUCKWITS have reared up in disgust at the decision, but they would have done so regardless of what decision the SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT TOOK. They however are entitled to their opposition.

You however Mr President ARE NOT. We appreciate that many AMERICANS DIED in the LOCKERBIE OUTRAGE, however it happened on Scottish soil and was prosecuted under Scottish law, (which for the information of my American readers is different to English Law), therefore we in Scotland will not BROOK ANY PRESSURE OR INTERFERANCE FROM AMERICA.

You Mr Obama should be aware that there is a large SCOTTISH DIASPORA IN THE U.S. and you criticise the SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT AND BY INFERENCE THE SCOTTISH PEOPLE, AT YOU PERIL!


scunnert said...

"You Mr Obama should be aware that there is a large SCOTTISH DIASPORA IN THE U.S. and you criticise the SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT AND BY INFERENCE THE SCOTTISH PEOPLE, AT YOU PERIL!"

Aye - grrr!

subrosa said...

I wonder what my diaspora Yahoo group will say tomorrow.

The Young Oligarch said...

subrosa -

"I wonder what my diaspora Yahoo group will say tomorrow."

They'll say exactly what every man was saying in the pub tonight - that MacAskill and his decision are a disgrace .

The real voice of Scotland was the man in Greenock shouting "Die , ya b*****d !" at the van as Megraghi went by .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Y.O. I don't know which way I would have plumped had it been me. As someone in England once said, "the quality of mercy is not strained, it falleth as the gentle rain from heaven". I think probably that it doesn't do us any good to be seen to be keeping a sick man in Jail. The Americans can shout but the crew who shot down the Korean airbus killing the entire passenger compliment including 66 kids got medals and William Calley who committed the Mai Lai atrocity served only 3 years of his life sentence. But then they were only "gooks" that got killed not Americans.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I read the comments on an on line US paper yesterday and most of them called us 'Scotch' and asked why Emgland didn't stop us etc.

Just for that they can go fuck themselves.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Aye Rab, You're right. They are ignorant twats when anything outside of America is discussed. We should stop exporting "Scotch" and leave them with that Kentucky shite!

The Young Oligarch said...

Two wrongs don't make a right , DL .

This is a much more complicated issue than Scotland standing up to the evil septics , which in itself would be both childish and wrong .

It comes down to the nature of criminal justice in a leftist dominated society . Here , crime is seen as a product of poverty , so the criminal is innocent and the innocent guilty .
The criminal can only be imprisoned to undergo "rehabilitation" as a sop to the mass of the population who don't believe this p**h .

With real justice he would have swung in 1999 .

Gigits said...

I'm more amazed by the fact that you can get out of prison if you are "ill".

Prisons still have infirmaries don't they?

CrazyDaisy said...


Not wrong about Tory loons, had a few words on they cunt Tory Bear's blog - just makes me dig in deeper fuckin stronz.

Crazy D

Dark Lochnagar said...

Y.O. If you have a look at my post and the comments of a couple of days ago on Maddox and Megrahi, you will see that I agree totally with the point you are making. If it wasn't him then he had something to do with it. Anyway. I think those of us of the SNP persuation are uneasy about lots of various aspects of this decision. I for one am not sure even yet what was the right decision, but what I will not accept is that it was anyone else's decision to make, apart from the Scottish Government's. Whether the decision is right or wrong and the subsequent rejoicing in Tripoli would make me suspect that it may not have been, it was I believe, taken for the right reasons. There was undoubtedly pressure from Westminster after Blair's meeting with Gaddafi and Broon is laughing up his sleeve at how clever he is arranging the transfer without asking the about to be elected Scottish Government, instead assuming that Labour would get back into power along with their Libdem poodles.

The Young Oligarch said...

Sorry , DL . I'm getting well wound up with all the anti-Scottish stuff coming from England and America over this . The last thing my blood pressure needs is even the hint of SNP "Wha's Like Us" triumphalism .

In my estimation both approaches are totally out of place in this serious situation .

I've been so wound up by it that I haven't even had time to post on my own rant-site . Letting things slip , obviously .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Y.O. Most of the comments I read from England are congratulating Scotland for going their own way and not giving in to pressure.

berenike said...

"at your peril"

Messing with the famously dangerous Scottish diaspora in the US? Good grief.

Dark Lochnagar said...

berenike my dear, never underestimate the anger of a Scotsman scorned even if it was said tongue in cheek. in nome patri fili et spirtu sancte.

Lincoln County said...

Dark Lachniger,

My ancestors may have been "scotch" but I'm a f#ckn' American. I stand behind my president on this one. You can keep your shitty whiskey and whatever else you f&ckwads make (?). Wouldn't mind punchin' a f#ckn "scotchman" in the face about now. Quote me some more Latin, you dumb shit Harry Potter wannabe.

Lincoln County said...

Yeah, I posted it twice you little bitch in case you missed it the first time.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Yeh, Typical Yank shooting off his mouth. How do you answer the questions I posed in my latest post regarding Megrahi? Oh and BTW, I realise that your education system is shite like your health system, but for your info "Scotch" is a drink and "whiskey" is Irish. The words you are looking for are Scots and Whisky.
I expect a decent standard of literature on this blog. Remember that if you want to return.

Indy said...

Have to laugh at the comment:

"The real voice of Scotland was the man in Greenock shouting "Die , ya b*****d !" at the van as Megraghi went by"

Er - he is. Duh.

The Young Oligarch said...

"Er - he is. Duh."

Not yet , and 8 years too late .

Duh !

Lincoln County said...

Dark Lachniger,

It's Scots not Scotch. No shit, Sherlockniger. What kind of an idiot can't tell the difference between an intentional insult and a misspelled word? A dumbf&ck "Scotchman".

You f*cks released this murderer as an intentional insult to America. A taste of things to come from an independent "Scotchland". Wanna be like your mother France. You dress-wearing cry-babies. "I'm a f@ckn' Scotchman! I wanna be independent! I wanna speak Gay-Lick."

Oh, and you can keep your piss-in-a-bottle.

By the way, I can't wait till our next referendum so I can vote to take your shitty st. andrew's cross off my state flag!


Lincoln County said...

Dark Lachniger,

There ARE no Yanks south of the Mason-Dixon line you snaggle-toothed, uneducated, f@ckn' eurotrash!

Dark Lochnagar said...

And do you think I give a shit or want to know where Lincoln County is you moronic, illiterate, Mexican prick! Your brains are addled fucking your cousins for years, you inbred. BTW you're all big yappy yanks to us and you can tell that fuckwit in charge of your FBI, to go and fuck himself as well.

Lincoln County said...

Now that's more like it sherlocknigger. You may have a pair of balls after all. What?? None of the other weak-minded Scotch on here have a comment for me? Come on! I told you what I think of your "royal throne of tyrants, your shitty isle....your little pebble set in the septic sea."

Don't you just love Shakespeare.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I only give a shit about the top bit, the Queen, the sceptered Isle and Shakespeare you can shove up your big fat american arsehole. That is if there is any room there for the popcorn! Where the fuck is Lincoln County, NCA or ORegon?

Lincoln County said...

Northern California? Oregon? That's way below the belt. Now your just being an asshole.

Lincoln County is in God's country. Ole Miss. The Hospitality State.

Take your best shot but you can rest assurred - a radical muslim terrorist wouldn't find much "compassion" here.

Dark Lochnagar said...

No, I can understand how you big brave Americans would react to a muslim terrorist in your midst. The same as you used to react to "Niggers", now you got one as a President and he is trying to drag you punching and screaming into the 21st century. 20 years ago Tiger Woods would have been a uppity nigger, now you have some fucking redneck prick shouting "get in the hole" every time he tees off. You Americans are a young race and sooner or later you will discover as did Britain when we had an empire which stretched all around the world and on which the sun never set, that the rest of the world cannot be bullied. In fifty years time your power will have diminished and the chinese will rule the world. Wait till you get a chink telling you what to do, you good ole boys won't like that. By that time you will have had Palin as President if she can raise enough money. America, the country where any man can be President if he can buy it and if his name is Bush, Kennedy or Clinton he has a head start. Gordon Brown may be a fucking dickhead but at least he became Prime Minister through talent not through money. I'll tell you I wouldn't want to have a Macdonald's franchise or a fucking Colonel Saunder's fucking fried rabbit "restaraunt" because the backlash starts here my friend. We will not be dictated to by some bunch of Cletus hicks and that kraut bastard in charge of the FBI, an organisation of incredible stupidity can go and fuck himself. Compassion is written into Scottish Law which is the basis for your constitution along with the Declaration of Arbroath and I would remind you that your founding fathers had more Scots that any other nation. You twats therefore are like our children and as such you need to be scolded and brought into line now and again, so don't be such cheeky bastards and give your elders who have been here longer and have more experience a bit of deference. Your not too big yet to get a metaphorical kick in the fucking nuts, so watch your step, fuckpig.

Dark Lochnagar said...

What's up Lincoln County, can't take the heat? Like to give it out but can't take cricism? Are you a pussy? Has you electric gone because you can't pay the bill? Run out of your medicare?

Lincoln County said...

None of the above, dipshit. Most Americans, as I, WORK for a living and can't sit at the puter all day like europeans (while the gov't pays you for doing absolutely nothing.) You nation of disabled
twats. Come on, sing it with me!

((Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear))

I would like nothing more than to see a wedge driven DEEP between the UK and the US. So, please boycott US. Nothing has harmed our foreign policy more than being entangled with corrupt and immoral Europeans. This modern "coalition" nonsense has hampered our ability to wage just war on the terrorists. Because of world (european) opinion, our gov't is finding it troublesome to kill terrorists. Believe me, there are millions of Americans who would not find it troublesome at all. In fact killing them would be much simpler than attempting to establish democracies in their God-forsaken corner of the world.

((and it shows them pearly white))

There will come a time in Scotland (sooner than you think) when you Scots will realize your mistake (as another of your empty church's are razed to make room for another mosque.) But then it will be too late.

((Just a jacknife, has old MacHeath, Babe, and he keeps it, aaaaaaah, out o' sight))

You can't even call them terrorist without being censored by YOUR gov't. You (Scots and the rest of europe) are experiencing an Orwellian nightmare and you refuse to wake up. ("yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep")

((Ya know when that shark bites, with his teeth, babe))

You Brits have been whining about Americans since 1776. It didn't stop us from kicking your ass then or again in 1814 (which was right down the road from where I live, by the way. Good ole Andrew Jackson - a hell of a man, he was. You Brits would do well to study him.)

((Scarlet billows start to spread.)) Come on! sing it with me!

You see, your children have grown both wise and strong. They built there own house, yea their own city - A bright and shining city on the highest hill. And the gates of Hell SHALL not prevail against it!

((Fancy glove though, wears old MacHeath, babe, so theres nevah, nevah a trace o' red!))

And we armed ourselves (gotta love that 2nd amendment!) and taught ourselves how to fight and defeat our enemies. So that our enemies both hated and feared US.

((Now on the sidewalk, woooo, sunny mornin'! Lies a body, just oozin' life...EEK!)) WOOOO!

Once, not so long ago, our father found himself surrounded by his enemies. (In a little town called Dunkirk) But his enemy pitied him and allowed him to escape.

((And someone's sneakin' round the corner!))

Lincoln County said...

So his father went back to his island home. But soon thereafter, his enemy regretted his decision (to allow his escape), and began to harass him terribly.

((could that someone be MACK THE KNIFE!))

His father could stand it no longer and he CRIED OUT! HELP ME SON! YOUR FATHER NEEDS YOU!

((Ah, there's a tugboat, uh huh, down by the river don't cha know.))

The son loved his father so he came to his aid. When the enemy saw the son coming to the aid of his father he was surprised and sorely afraid because the son had grown very strong and had become a mighty warrior.

((and there's a cement bag a just a droopin' on down. Oh that cement, it's just for the weight, dear. Five'll get ya ten, ole Mac, he's back in town!))

And so the son soundly defeated his father's enemy.

((Now dja hear bout Louis Miller, he disappeared babe! After drawin out all o' his hard earned cash!))

And the father was grateful to his son. The son loved his father and the father loved his son. And they worked hard together and rebuilt what the enemy had destroyed. Till, at last, all the father's wealth had been restored.

((And now MacHeath spends just like a sailor. Could it be, our boys done somethin' rash!))

And so the son went back to his home and back to his labor. And time passed.

((Now Jenny Diver! ho, ho, yeah, Suki Tawdry! A miss Lotte Len-YA, and old Lucy Brown(not Broon)!

And as time passed the father saw that his son had become rich and powerful and was enjoying the fruits of his labor. And the father hated his son.

((Oh, the line forms on the right, babe, Now that Macky's back in town!))

And the fathers hatred grew and festered. The father clung to his hate and nourished and fed it until his hatred matured. And the son saw the father with his hatred and became angry. But he still loved his father so he turned his back and walked away. And so the father was left in safety and security still clinging to his hate.

Now sing along, you pricks!


look out old Mack, he's back!))

Oh, and keep your lips off my metaphorical nuts.

Lincoln County said...

.................and silence like a cancer grows.......................

Lincoln County said...'s raining, it's pouring, old Sherlocknigger's snoring.

Lincoln County said...

.............Flow gently, sweet Afton, disturb not his dream..........

Dark Lochnagar said...

I would love to be an American. They must be the most nieve race ever. Everything to you numbnuts is black and white. You denegrate a fine song by quoting it in this instance. Ok you got into the 2nd world war but only after the Japs attacked you. We have just finished paying you for the fucking priveledge. It was not for the bravery of your soldiers although many were brave, but the sheer numbers and material you were able to throw at it. My father was in charge of a landing craft at D day and he told me the American soldiers were shitting themselves and shooting down their own planes. Why do you fuckwits think you can interfere in any country's politics you fancy. In 50 years time the Chinese will be the dominant world power and you will have to kowtow to them. Unfortunately I will not be here to see it. But to the present. At long last you seem to have elected someone who is not a fucking eejit and he is trying to bring you into the 21st century. The last lot Bush, Reagan, Carter could hardly string two words together. You talk a lot about Mack the Knive and his pearly white teeth. Mack being a Scottish name and you think that it is important that he visits a Dentist? You are deluded, Sir. We like our teeth rotten and falling out in this country. The pain girds our loins against the slings and arrows of misfortune. You forget that we are a nuclear power and as such can stick one up your kyber pipe to remind you of your errant ways. I am suprised that someone that quotes Mack the Knive and abley done if you don't mind me saying so, is still working. Do you not have enough money to retire at your age. Fuck me an eighty year old still working. What do you do. Stack the shelves down at the local Supermarket. Do they give you the mike so that you can greet the shoppers with a wee tune. Still trying to pay off your health bill? Don't worry the President will see you alright soon and you can retire to the rest home with your teeth and live out your last years slumbering in your favourite chair with the slevers running down your chin, dreaming of the once great American empire, whilst the chinky army marches down Broadway to a ticker tape welcome from the Immigrant community of New York and Dixie will be no more. Aaagh sad days for old Lincoln. Better to get one of your big guns out now and finish it. Are you still there dipshit?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Are you fucking sleeping again, dipshit. Well I suppose at your age you need your sleep if your going to hold down that job stacking shelves.

Dark Lochnagar said...

You still in your kip or have you left for the store. Don't forget your teeth! Are they like the stars and come out at night. They tell me there's a special on today. Tswo jellies for the price of one. You'll be able to gum them without putting your teeth in, you old dipshit.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fuck me they work you hard. Need the overtime I suppose. Either that or your out shagging your sister or your father.

Lincoln County said...

Your father was on a landing craft at D-day? Where? What beach? If your telling the truth then you're much older than me. Or you could be playing me. Trying to get me to reveal myself so you can harass me on facebook. It'll never happen - you can just call me Rumpelstilskin. You think a young American man wouldn't know who Robert Burns is? Or know the words to Mack the Knife? Do you know the meaning of the song? It's a very old song and the lyrics have been changed several times. It's about corrupt European gov'ts. The last time it was revived was to lampoon the Weimar Republic. Anyway, I'll have to get back with you, Tuesdays are for Shorin-ryu. Besides, I'm feeling a bit guilty if you are truly old enough to be the son of a WWII vet. My Father was a young man in the Air Force in Nam. I may be an asshole but I'm not a fuckin' bully. I'll be back later this week so double-up on your Aricept.

Later Sherlock

Dark Lochnagar said...

I'm 55 so I don't know what age you are. I assumed you were older, Rinkledpenisskin. I do not use facebook nor fucking twitter, so don't get your knickers in a twist. If you can't get time off from the store in between sooking on some rye and shagging your sister then I am sorry for you. You can update your comments onto a more recent post, as this one is now archived. Now Rinkledpenisskin, Rabbie Burns there was a poet, I am a descendent of his but then again so is half of Ayrshire where I live. "Fair fa' yir onest sonsie face, great chieftain o' the puddin race." What a poem. I am sorry to hear that your father participated in the Mai Lai massacre, do you know that the head honcho there William Calley, only served 3 years house arrest of a life sentence with hard labour. Mmm, maybe a wee bit of Christian compassion shown there and he wasn't even dying of cancer. Never mind though they were just gooks and they don't count.Like the Iranians killed in the Airbus shot down by the U.S.S. Vicennes, threy got medals. They were just AAArabs. Some people say that was the rationale for Lockerbie and 9/11 but I wouldn't know. I do know however that there was a CIA message in the American Embassy telling staff not to fly Pan Am as there was a terrorist plot. But then there was no CIA operatives on that flight, funny that. I suppose one day when all the secret CIA papers and those of the Sate Dept are released we might find out who really bombed the plane. But I'll tell you one thing, it wasn't Megrahi. I'll hear from you later in the week rinkledpenisskin. I am enjoying our discourse.

Lincoln County said...

Sooking ale? Never touch the stuff. Don't need it. As for all that shit you wrote; all I can say is I'm neither sorry for it nor proud of it. You need to channel your anger in another direction. America isn't your enemy and most Americans prefer pit bulls(Bear Grylls or Michael Bisping, for example) over poodles. You like music? This one sums it up quite simply.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I am well aware that America is not my enemy. You however are the one who says he wants to end the "special relationship" so that you can persue terrorists. But you can't just go into every country in the world because you perceive some threat. Sooner or later and I don't like it anymore than you do you are going to have to talk to the bastards. I believe in independence for my country and I therefore bristle if anyone criticises my Government. Old fashioned I know but there it is. Megrahi was not the Lockerbie bomber, most people in this country are convinced of that because there is too much shite swirling about over his conviction. I can understand however how you feel about Americans being killed on foriegn soil, I would feel the same. I have just posted a post on how we have lost 10 soldiers lives in Afghanistan for 150 votes in their fucking election. We , you and us are going to get sucked in there for years if we're not careful. I know you have a bigger commitment but then we are a smaller country. Bomb the poppy fields and legalise drugs in both countries so that it becomes uneconomic and the smackheads can do what they want with their lives , they are no use to society anyway. I don't do drink anymore now either. In fact if I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself! Please visit my blog again.

Anonymous said...

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