Tuesday, 25 August 2009



How fucking thick are UNIONIST M.S.P.s?

I have never been so embarrassed for my country today listening to the debate from HOLYROOD and knowing it was being broadcast around the WORLD.

KENNY MacASKILL made them look like TITS, (hence the photo, these are actually Annabelle Goldie's, (Aye fuck off-Ed)). I have never seen such a bunch of self serving "TOON COONCILLERS" IN MY LIFE. Their questions and comments made to the Media were nothing short of a national scandal.

I think most of you know I was firmly in the Independence Lobby, but after watching these UNIONIST FUCKWITS this afternoon, I am beginning to wonder if I am right. After all in 50 years some of these TWATS might be in power.

How can you possibly try and politicise what the Scottish Government decided to do to show some compassion towards MEGRAHI? Send him to a HOSPICE? Give me a fucking break! Keep him in a house in NEWTON MEARNS? Don't be so fucking stupid.

(BTW, did you see that Prick Murphy on telly wearing a Jewish skull cap because he has a big Jewish population in his constituency. What a fucking PONCE!)

It was obvious to anyone with half a brain, (so that lets out Tavish Scott then), that the decision that was taken was the only one that could be taken in the circumstances.


CrazyDaisy said...

I weep for the idiots in opposition, they canna help be'in thick, but it's those brainwashed souls voting for monkeys in red, blue and whatever the fibdums are wearing this week that pits em ayr!

Crazy D

Dark Lochnagar said...

Daisy, That Tavish Scott is a fucking embarassement. I hate Gray for what he stands for but Scott is just a fuckwit.