Wednesday, 29 July 2009


(A photo knicked from somewhere which escapes me, sorry!)

In a shock statement from Downing Street, tonight, the PRIME MINISTER GORDON BROWN, addressed the nation,

'Remember how two days ago I said we had beat the TALIBAN in Helmann's Mayonaise, well I was lying.' 'In fact, I have decided that if we can't beat them, then I'll join them and this is me with some of the boys off into town for a few beers and and a game of PASS THE SUICIDE BOMBER.' 'That's me bottom left with a nice wee UZI.

'I'm looking forward til tomorrow when we're playing a wee game of footy with a SHEEP'S HEID.' 'My dad would have been proud of me because although the lads are quite religious, I think I may be persuading them into becoming WEE FREES.' 'Anyway they have promised not to kill anyone on a Sunday, just to see how it works out.'

Well, CHEERY for now and I am sorry about all the trouble I caused but it was all Tone's idea, honest!

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Fidothedog said...

I think the pic was by David Forward aka Tractorstats.