Monday, 15 June 2009


I was watching "Stephen Fry in America" tonight and he was doing the southern states, Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas etc. When it struck me I would like to be American.

Yeh, I Know that we laugh at them and they do have a lot of problems, Guns, Health Care etc but they also have a lot going for them.

I am a very patriotic Scot and it strikes me the Americans are just as if not more patriotic than the Scots.

The thirteen stripes on the American flag represent the 13 states who broke away from Britain and fought the war of independence. Is this not what we celebrate with the wars of independence of Wallace and Bruce?

There is a "CAN DO" attitude in America. You really feel it at its best in New York, which I have been privileged to visit a few times. We sit back here and moan about our lives, instead of getting up and doing something about it, (followers of this blog apart!).

They have great holiday's like Thanksgiving Day, when families travel hundreds of miles to come together. Their sporting occasions are spectacular with none of the hatred and bitterness we see at our major football matches. Mind you I would still hate those KILLIE BASTARDS!

They have freedoms that we don't. They are not spied on from every vantage point. In this country you can't pick your nose in the street without some Bastard seeing it on CCTV.

I would like of course, to swap my white, middle class lifestyle for one in the States.

Well really I don't want to swap if you get my drift, but if I had been born a Yank, I think I would have been a model citizen!

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