Saturday, 11 April 2009

Jade Goody and cult of fame

David Beckham relaxing at half time
"Jade Goody has her own place in the history of television and, while it's significant, it's nothing to be proud of. Her death is as sad as the death of any young person, but it's not the passing of a martyr or a saint or, God help us, Princess Di. When we clear the media smokescreen from around her death what we're left with is a woman who came to represent all that's paltry and wretched about Britain today. She was brought up on a sink estate, as a child came to know both drugs and crime, was barely educated, ignorant and puerile.” Michael Parkinson gives his views on Jade Goody, in an article for the Radio Times
Well said, Michael. Thank Christ, I thought it was just me!
Why do we place these morons on such a high pedestal. Because they came third in a talent competition? Because they can cross a ball and take decent free kicks. in the case of David Beckham. I am sure he is a very nice boy, but £150,000+ per week?
The people we should be paying properly are Surgeons, Carers, Foreign Charity Workers and Scientists who are working to improve the lives of people.
Hopefully when we get an independent nation we will drop this cult of celebrity and people will be admired not for winning a "talent" show, but for what they can add to society.

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